Friday, April 29, 2005

A Business Is Born...

...well kind of. In doing my latest marketing group project (see related entry below) I stumbled across something very interesting. After sharing my findings with my roomate Jeff, we concluded that beyond the project, there is actually a good amount of money to be made. Jeff and I started to look at some possible numbers, and ideas, then sent my marketing teacher an email with our idea. Per Professor Thompson's email, "You are an ace. What a great idea." It went on to say how we should come up with a business model, run a few tests in the market, etc.
After sending out a few "feeler" emails to companies, Jeff and I are ready to move forward. R & J Enterprises is born. Catchy name, huh :)
Basically, we are brokers of surplus commodities, mainly in America, but there also seems to be a big import/export market also (which we will explore when the time is right). There is a very large market of companies wanting to get rid of their excess, and others wanting the excess. And by excess, I dont mean a few extra shirts laying around, we are talking about in the thousands, and above. Here is where Jeff and I come in. We arrange the transaction, and the drop-shipment location. The buyer will send us their money, we will then send the money to the seller (minus our expenses and fees). It is amazing how companies will pay people to do a little research for them, which in its rawest form is what we are doing.
This is the very simple version of our plan, but there is a light at the end of the rainbow, and the point to our endeavor. In one of our test runs (something we will probably follow through with at a later date when more details are ironed out) we located a company wanting overstock/excess CD's. They will probably be redistributing these to retail stores in either America or overseas, or putting them up on eBay, etc. When we asked for details on their wants they basically replied that they take all titles and genres, and if the price is right, they will take it by the truckload. Here is where it gets fun for us. We located a shipper who will ship 200,ooo CD's (the equivilent of a big rig load), for $56,000. After doing some research on how much the buyer will mark up their CD's, we should be able to get a total of around $66,000+ from them. We will then forward $56,000 to the shipper, and keep our cut of the top. The shipment will be directly forwarded to the buyer, so we never take title, and boom....a great business transaction that can be repeated an unlimited amount of times with an unlimited amount of buyers and sellers of anything and everything overstock/wholesale/surplus.
Obviously we are still in the planning stage, but the more we are looking into this, the better it looks for the future. This is definitely something that if done right can expand globally over the coarse of a few years, we can open up a web-page...well, you see where I am going with this. And, another great thing about it is, there is very little start up capital needed. Once we conduct a few transcations, then we can set up a different phone line, get a fax machine, etc. But until then the internet, our cell phones, and Kinko's will do the trick. Hopefully after some good market research and planning, this will be something we will be able to follow through with. It definitely has its potential, it just takes time. And with finals coming up, we might have to temporarily put this on hold for a week or so.

Needless to say my book has been put on hold for a little bit....but in no way have I forgotten about it.

It's Been A Few Days

So, sorry it has been a few days since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic in Ryanville. Finals are rapidly approaching, and though I don't intend on seeing any all nighters this year, I still need to do well so I can get some decent grades. Also, the one thing I have decided is on my "Top 5 Things I Hate Most About School" list is the annual project in every class due the last week of class. It sucks. In every class next week, I either have a report, project, or presentation due; in some cases all three! What sucks most about all this, is that most of the time it involves groups.
Group projects suck. There is always one lame dumb-ass who can't get their shit together, and in turn, expect everyone else to pick their slack. That really just chaps my ass. Seriously, you are not in high school anymore. In colllege (especially the business school at TCU) these projects are designed to replicate real world/business situations. Most of the time the project does a good job of that. All I have to say is, if in the real business world I get stuck working with some dumb-shit, lazy-ass, mo-fo's all the time, I will not be lasting at a business very long. Either that person will get thrown off the roof of the building, or....well actually, that is about it; we will be seeing if people can fly.
Sorry to go on a rant about group projects, but it seems this semester in particular has been extremely bad.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A 3.0 in Sight?

Now that my mother has fainted just from reading the title, and regained consciousness, I can continue. According to my calculations, with one good final, and one good begging, I will have a 3.0 at the end of this semester for the first time in my illustrious college career. Let me break it down for you.
Organizational Management - Currently I have a solid B. For the final we get to use groups, and our teacher said that a lot of scores will be in the upper 80's to low 90's range. We also have a public relations project due next week to present, but that should be pie as long as our group will finally be able to get together. Final Grade: B
Business and Professional Speaking - As of this point, I am holding on to a 90.35%. With three more things due, here is the outlook. For my persuasive speech, I should be able to at least get the same score as on my informative speech which was 140/150 = 93.33. For the personal portfolio, I will get a 90/90 = 100%. And, for the group case study I should get at least a 80/90. Now, after I apply all of this first year teachers crazy weighting percentages, this will all equal out to a 91.8%. Here is where it could possibly get nasty. On her syllabus she got the bright idea to make an A = 94 and above, a B = 84 and above etc. If I get a 91.8 in the class and do not recieve an A, I will probably be forced to set this teachers house on fire while I sit across the street with a case of beer, some tace bell, and a camera, watching and laughing at the meyham. Moral of the story: this teacher will give me an A.
Entrepreneurship - In the syllabus it said 75% of students get an 80 or above. With the extra credit assignment I just did for 100 pts, and a take home final, I feel confident I will be in that group. Final grade: B
Business Marketing - This class will be tricky to calculate. On a point per point basis I have about an 82% right now. BUT the teacher does not have a normal grading scale. He looks for "groups" of students and assigns grades accordingly. The light at the end of the tunnel: "most of the time in my class, a kid with a 77 or above will get a B." With the final and one project left I fell confident of a Final Grade of a B.
Geography - The easiest class at TCU. Course number 10003. I currently have a D. BUT, this is before I take two make up tests, and turn in some extra credit. I think if I can get in the mid to upper D range, I will be able to talk him into a C.
1 A, 3 B's, and 1 C = 3.0 Not to shabby. Mom, you can put my congratulatory $500 check (or more if you feel that is neccessary) in the mail now. I know we never made an agreement for monetary rewards for this type of thing, but I think under the circumstances one is in order. :)

Tuesday Cheers and Jeers

Hello one, hello all. It is time once again for this weeks addition of Cheers and Jeers. So, sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride.
  • Cheers to the NBA playoffs - This year there are a lot of good matchups and a couple of good upset oppertunities.
  • Jeers to the Dallas Mavericks losing their first two games - Playing a tough Houston squad with Tracy McGrady will be tough to overcome...good luck with that.
  • Cheers to it being almost the end of school - Do I really need to explain why this is a cheers?
  • Jeers to finals - Oh, wait... I only have one final this year. I guess this is a cheers for me, but a jeers for everyone else. Ha ha, sucks to be everyone else.
  • Cheers to lowering my insurance - I will be saving about $100 a month by switching from Progressive to Esurance.
  • Jeers to gas prices - Even though they have lowered to $2.09 a gallon, that is still approximately $1.09 to high.
  • Cheers to me getting back in shape again
  • Jeers to that actually involving physical activity - I have noticed it is harder for a person to get motivated to get in shape, rather than stay in shape.
  • Cheers to Budweiser Select - A great alternative to Bud Light
  • Jeers to Budweiser coming out with an energy drink - In case nobody else at Budweiser noticed; beer is a "downer", caffeine and other energry drink ingredients are "uppers". I would think the effect would be that the downer and upper would cancel each other out. If this is the case, I am not going to pay $5.49 for a six pack when I can just drink water and get the same effect.
  • Cheers to my job - They allow me to come and go as I please, AND we have an onsite chef for free lunch. Not much is going to top that.
  • Jeers to the stupid "fashion merchandising" majors on the TCU campus - They are all women. They all think they know business. They are all blonde. They are all in a sorority. They all have a 4.0, and think they are smarter than you because of it. They all suck.

Announcer, "Well there you have it ladies and gents. Stay tuned for another rousing round of Cheers and Jeers next week."

(Applaud light comes on over the audience)

Audience - Loud cheers, and "hoots and hollers" can be heard as the closing credits roll.

Go to commercial break.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tomorrow is THE Day

I have been talking about this day for quite some time now, but the time has finally arrived. No more excuses. No more avoiding it. No more being too tired. Tomorrow, Monday, April 25th, 2005 is the day I start a normal workout routine again. A workout routine complete with lifting weights, running, and eating healthy (notice eating, I never said drinking). For some time now, I have watched my weight balloon from a healthy 185ish this past summer to a grotesque 205. I can't take it anymore. It is time to get my body back, and I have a feeling it is not going to go down without a fight.
The other night when I was looking at my first drivers license I got when I was 15 1/2, after taking my written test, I noticed something that almost put me in a state of depression. The weight I listed was 160! Are you kidding me? I used to be that little? WOW!
So, here are my getting in shape goals:
  • Get back down to 185-190 weight range
  • Be able to run a 7 minute mile again (without keeling over and being on the verge of death)
  • Get back my somewhat defined six-pack
  • Get rid of my "love handles" (per Heather's request, hehe)
  • Gain at least 20 lbs on my old maxes on bench press, squat, and curl.

There are a few more minor goals that I have, but it all basically boils down to just being able to take my shirt off at the lake this summer and not be completely embarrased. I know this will be hard; as I sit here and type this, my body is already trying to feel too tired to work out tomorrow, and I have just completed eating around a $5 order from Taco Bell.

There is one predicament I find myself in however. Most of the time when I do well in something, I will reward myself with a night out. I will absolutely refuse to start drinking woman beers such as Aspen edge, Michlobe Ultra, etc. To combat this I will just have to keep myself in check and not make late night trips to Taco Bell, and/or Whataburger. I feel this might actually be the hardest part of my new regiment.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I start this new, and extremely difficult, chapter in my life. I will need all the help I can get.

Friday, April 22, 2005

My Book

So you all probably thought I was just joking around when I said I was going to write a book. Well, you would all be wrong. That's right, wrong. I have come up with an idea for a book that I think would be pretty funny, and interesting/informational at the same time, and definitely would sell if marketed right. I am writing a rough outline now; just getting some chapter and content ideas down on paper.
In looking at some book publisher/distributor websites, such as Random House Publishing, I noticed that most of them required a literary agent. I located an agent in Dallas that I think I am going to use. Based on what I have found about his knowledge, experience, and past/currnet clients, he seems like he knows what he is doing. One of the big things also, is that he doesnt charge a "reading fee". From what I understand this just means that he will look over my stuff and see if it is worth while for free.
My plan is to have a rough outline and a little content completed by next week. I have to submit a brief synopsis, and outline to the agent for him to look at. If he likes it, I will then have to write at least one whole chapter, or parts of a few different ones, for him to see exactly what the book would be like, my writing style, etc.
I really have no idea how long this book will end up being, but from what I have so far, I could come up with probably 20+ chapters. So, if there is 3 or more pages per chapter, this could be quite an undertaking. But, I have decided on an idea that will be fun for me to write about, and a subject matter that I am knowledgable about. And, if you were wondering, no I am not going to leak anything right now on what it is about. All of that will be told to you in due time.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Screw You Party Poker!!!

I did it. I am ashamed to say that I did it. I succomed to the prospect of riches and glory on the World Poker Tour. I gave - heavy emphasis on the word gave - Party Poker, and its league of crappy poker players, $50 of my hard earned dollars. Jeff and I each bought in for $50 and were playing in a few $5 tournaments. Everything was rolling along just fine after day #1. I broke even after about 6 tournaments, and was proud of myself for doing this as a virgin to the online gaming world. Jeff was in about the same boat as I. Then came day #2....
Day #2 started out as any other day. Wake up about 30 minutes later than I should have. Let Rip outside on my way to the bathroom. Take a nice hot shower to wake me up. Drink my slim fast for breakfast (shut-up). Get some work done. Go to class. Then.........Party Poker, the new addition to my routine, that will quickly be axed out. Hoping ot capitalize on my previous day, I have lofty goals. After all, breaking even after my first day, why shouldn't I at least make $100,000.00 on day #2? It seems reasonable, right? Well apparantly not. The poker gods were frowing upon me yesterday from the very beginning. (I can only assume this is due to the clear skies yesterday, therefore giving them a clear line of sight to frown down on me.)
After losing my first two tournaments, I finally got in the money on tournament 3. At the same time, sitting next to me, Jeff has managed to get his bankroll up to $75. From here is only got worse...way worse.
As a littl aside, one thing that most people don't know about Party Poker is that you can't cash out for less than $50. So, if I only have $35 in my account, I might as well play because it is just going to sit there if I don't. Many would call this a sneaky tactic by Party Poker, and I would tend to agree.
In the next few tournaments I was in I was doing real well until one hand showed up each time...the flush. It really was amazing actually, especiallyfor the person I was playing against. For me, it sucked. Each time, I flopped top two-pair. This is a good hand to flop in poker. But inevitably, as I was called to all in, the person who called me ended up drawing out to a flush. It really did get me thinking that divine intervention was having a hand in my night, because that just doesn't happen three tournaments in a row. (at one point, two hands in a row) Oh, and by-the-by at the same time I am getting royally screwed, Jeff is too. The one thing that I do find rather funny looking back is the amount of yelling we both did at our laptops. It was as if the louder we yelled, the cards would hear us and eventually go in our favor.
Needless to say the night ended in absolute tragedy as both Jeff and myself lost our money. I will never forgive Party Poker for what they have done to me the past few days. I will also never forgot the people I played with, you know who you are; the person who goes all in with 8-3 offsuit while I have top two pair and you pick up your flush, or you Mr. I Have Bottom Pair to Your Top Pair, But I Will Pick Up My Trips on the River player. You all suck in my mind, and in a real game where I could read you, as you were nervously sitting across the table from my enormous chip lead, I would DESTROY you.
Damn Party Poker.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuesday Cheers and Jeers

It is time once again for my weekly "Cheers and Jeers" of lifes happenings.
  • Cheers to Ice Riccitelli's B-Day today.
  • Jeers that she is only 20 and has another year to go.
  • Cheers to electing a new Pope. Now for the rest of us non-Catholics, we can get back to normal t.v. and more worthwhile news.
  • Jeers to group projects. They suck, and most of the time the people in the group suck.
  • Cheers to Monday Night Football on ESPN. ESPN has better pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows. Now, if they would only get rid of John Madden.
  • Jeers to Dallas-Fort Worth traffic. It sucks, and is a daily headache in my commute to and from work.
  • Cheers to the upcoming NFL schedule released. There should be some interesting matchups. I am wanting to see if Randy Moss will be able to tear up the Chiefs secondary with the Raiders.
  • Jeers to Denny's for having Betsy's car towed last night at the Rangers game. In a show of protest, I am going to boycott Denny's. Who's with me......
  • Cheers to the t.v. show "Two and a Half Men". I have become a fan of that show, and try to catch it weekly now. It's a funny show. Check it out.
  • Jeers to trying to get in shape for summer time at the lake. It just sucks.

There you have it folks. Tune in next week for another exciting round of "Cheers and Jeers".

Me in South Park

Originally uploaded by hornietoad3.
I found this cool sight today where you can create your own South Park character, to see what you would look like. I chose the "beachy" theme since it is getting to be that time of year. You all should check it out.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm Going to Write a Book

Yes, you read right, I am going to write a book. I don't exactly know what it is going to be about yet, but I do know it is not going to be some cheap Dan Brown rip-off. Writing a book has always been on my list of things to do before I die, and now seems as good as time as any to get started. If you have any good ideas on what my book should possibly be about, I will take into consideration any input that I receive.

Just incase you were wondering (which I know you all are), you will find a list of the other things I want to do before I die below.
  • Skydive
  • Scubadive
  • Drive on the Autobahn
  • Tour Europe
  • Own my own business
  • Write a book
  • See the Kansas City Royals win a championship
  • Run with the bulls in Spain
  • Watch Paris Hilton blow all of her money and claim bankruptcy
  • Graduate college (don't laugh, it's pretty tough)
  • Climb a mountain (that is at least 12,000 ft tall)
  • Become a millionaire (and if I am the first to do it, Jeff and Michael have to stick to our bet and jump in Frog Fountain naked)
  • Drink all the beers at the Flying Saucer
  • Run a marathon
  • Drive a dune buggy around the Sahara desert
  • Go on an African Safari
  • Come up with some genius quote that will be remembered for ages

Those are just a few things I want to do. I wish I could do more, but most of the other things I want to do include a lot of money. Afterall, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you a bunch of crap that makes you happy.

More on my book at a later date. But for now, I need to work on the graduate college goal and go to class.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Nice Relaxing Day

Last night I came up to Norman and Heather, Lindsay and I all went out to the Mont. It was nice to sit outside, have a few drinks, and talk for a few hours. By far the best part of the night though was on the ride home when we listened to various South Park songs. The "Brian Boytano" song and "Uncle Fucker" brought back memories from my South Park quoting days in middle school. I don't know which is worse...that I can actually still remember all of those songs, or that I still laugh histarically whenever I hear them. I guess though that since my life motto is "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid", it is not that far out of place that I still laugh and quote those songs.
Tonite should be a nice relaxing night. Heather and I came up to Lawton so she could get some "girl" medicine. It will be nice to get some sleep tonite, since I have a feeling that there will be none tomorrow night. It is Lindsay's birthday party tomorrow night, and we are getting a limo to go to the city and get a little past the point of intoxication. It should be a very fun, interesting night with many stories to follow. I am counting on some good pictures I can take and put up here for all to enjoy.
Have a great Firday night.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

All in Favor Say, "Aye"

Today I heard about a bill that is in the process of getting passed in the Texas state legislature that I must say I am completely for, and think is long overdue. The bill basically prevents people who get fat because they eat crappy food, and are too damn lazy to work out, from suing fast food companies like McDonald's for their overweight problems.
According to Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale, "This basically is supposed to shield folks who sell food or raise animals that are made into food ... from having to defend themselves against lawsuits ... over obesity claims from overeating." Good for you Mr. Arsdale for trying to get this law passed in the first place.
I myself (am somewhat ashamed to say) have put on a few extra pounds over the recent months, but am I about to go sue Budweiser for making such a sweet, mouth-watering concotion that I can't resist? No. It is nobody's fault but my own when I eat fast food, drink beer, and don't work out like I should. I have always thought it a cheap way out for people to sue the fast food industry because they are to damn lazy to get off their ass and do something about their overweight problem.
According to this article similar bills have been passed in 15 other states. I don't know which states they are, but good job to them too. And for the other states that haven't yet adopted this as a law, YOU SHOULD!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Have Defeated the Crossword Monster

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Many of you are fimiliar with my ongoing battles with the Texas Christian University Daily Skiff Crossword. Well, yestarday I deafeated the monster. After a seemingly impossible semester of crosswords mocking me day after day, I overcame the challenge to become victorious. The crossword gods were smiling upon me yesterday, and I am eternally grateful.

Funny but Wrong

Ran acroos this article in the newspaper today. At first I wasn't sure whether to laugh or not, but then I realized that this lady was calling the cops to help with her 12 year old daughters. Then I laughed. Read it for yourself, you might chuckle yourself.

WATAUGA - Lori came home to find her daughters fighting that Monday evening.
Her 12-year-old had kicked a hole in the door, and the girls were hitting and
throwing things at each other. She feared one or both would be seriously hurt.
She called 911 and asked for help. Her 12-year-old daughter was out of control,
she told the call-taker.

"OK. Do you want us to come over to shoot her?" the dispatcher asked, according to
a recording released this week. For five seconds, the line went dead.

Chuckle, chuckle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cheers and Jeers

I have decided that I am going to start a weekly Tuesday blog cleverly entitled "Cheers and Jeers". In case you have no brain power whatsoever, this simply means that I am going to congratulate good things that I notice, and bitch about stupid things that I notice. If you happen to disagree with what I choose to either cheer or jeer about, please feel free to leave me a comment. But, I must warn you, just because you leave a comment does not mean that I will ammend my blog in any way. It simply means you have left a comment. Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for. Drum roll please....
  • Cheers to Budweiser for making Budweiser Select. I find it a nice alternative to Bud Light.
  • Jeers to Coors Light lovers. I realize that there is a Coors Light brewery in Fort Worth, but that does not automatically mean it is the only beer you have to consume.
  • Cheers to silicone implants. If a woman wants bigger boobs, let her have the choice on how big she wants them, and what they should be made of.
  • Jeers to the Hurst policeman who pulled me over this morning. I clearly was in the intersection, and did not speed up, when that light turned red. I plead not guilty. I win.
  • Cheers to the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Five 50 win seasons in a row, and a spot in the playoffs. Good luck.
  • Jeers to Paris Hilton. She sucks. Everything she does sucks. People who like her, want to be her, or support her in any way suck.
  • Cheers to David Stern for wanting to make a requirement of two years out of high school, or be at least 20 yrs old before entering the NBA (like the NFL). I would venture to guess that 90% of NBA players can't read. They need some kind of education.
  • Jeers to Jermaine O'Neal of the Indiana Pacers for calling David Stern racist for wanting that rule. If Jermaine would have gone to college, he would have maybe received an education and realized every black person can't blame every white person for everything. Jermaine now sucks in my mind.
  • Cheers to President Bush. I just think he is a really swell guy.
  • Jeers to Tiger Woods and all the news outlets covering him so damn much. Believe it or not he doesn't eat lightening and shit thunder. He isn't God. And, he isn't the best golfer ever. Congrats on the Masters, move on.
  • Cheers to the arrival of Spring and Summer weather. Nuff said.
  • Jeers to my marketing test tomorrow. 7 pages of review questions...just for the essay part. School sucks.

Well folks, that is all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. And always remember to eat your reccomended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Monday, April 11, 2005

alcohol research

alcohol research
Originally uploaded by hornietoad3.
i would probably give this guy some cash just for being honest.

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

I came across an interesting article in Newsweek today ( that really made me worry about certain Star Wars fans. Let me explain; I have always been a little skeptical of the Star Wars fans who sit in line for a few days before the opening just to get to see it first. They probably think they are the best fans in the world, braving the ever unpredictable elements that can happen outside your local AMC theatre, but I just think of them as a neusance. Recently this has all been taken to a new level of retardness by a number of fans in Los Angeles. It seems that they have already begun to line up out side of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, when the movie doesn't even come out until May 19th!!! I find it rather funny that this matter bothers me so much, but I have come to realize that anything stupid, anyone does, anywhere really bothers me. This definitely falls under that category.
Now on to the greatest part of this story. According to the article, these people aren't even lining up in the right spot! How great is that you might be asking yourself? Absolutely, fantabulously great!!!

“The Chinese is not available for the window that we needed,” says a spokeswoman for Fox, which is distributing the film. "Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith, will be playing at a newer movie theater about a block away called the ArcLight."

What is even better, is that the fans think FOX is telling a lie, so they aren't moving! Doesn't this story just keep getting better and better? I must say however that I do have a little respect for one of these, um, interesting fans. When Justin Tweitan was asked what he would do if the movie sucked, “I’d voice my complaints pretty loud to Lucas, then I’d probably drink heavily."
Well Justin, if I had nothing better to do with my life than sit in line for a damn Star Wars movie, I would probably be drinking heavily anyway.

Friday, April 08, 2005

On the Road Again...

...oh how I just can't wait to get on the road again. Well, actually, sitting in rush hour traffic on a Friday in the DFW metroplex is probably one of the worst possible things on earth, but I have made a commitment to go to Oklahoma again this weekend. So, as I prepare to depart work on this sunny Friday afternoon, I look ahead to the weekend that might be.....
  • Starting here in about 30 minutes I will begin the trek home to pick up my paycheck that will be awaiting me with open arms in my mailbox, only to be immediately deposited in my bank account for use as survival money (nothing more, nothing less)
  • After my excursion to BankOne, I will motor along towards beautiful Lawton, Oklahoma and Mt. Scott. This in itself will prove to be interesting, as always, because I have come to realize that every crappy woman driver, and police officer are attracted to my unwashed Chevy Blazer. It never amazes me how much crappier Texas drivers are than in Missouri (and anywhere else for that matter), I could in fact write a whole blog entry on this alone, but I will refrain for the time being.
  • After arriving in Lawton I fully expect to be greeted as always by a huge hug that borders on the verge of total uncomfortableness by heaters mom (just kidding Terrie). After this will come Heather and Petey, followed thereafter by a rousing "hey" with the corresponding head nod from Kris, and if KevDog is home probably some question about how me week was.
  • After some chilies take out KevDog will offer me (hopefully), as always, one of his world famous Gin and Tonics. These drinks are not to be taken lightly. Mixed with tanager, the right amount of tonic water, and a freshly cut lime, these drinks are amazingly thirst quenching. I fully believe that if ever he decided to stop being a Dr., he could probably open a bar and just serve these drinks and make a ton of money.
  • There will probably be a rented Blockbuster or Hastings movie waiting to be watched, and the night will slowly die down. Well for most of us it will, for Crazy Terrie it will just be getting started after she finishes a bottle of wine.
  • Saturday I fully expect to be much of the same as Friday. I will try to sleep in, Heather will until approximately 5 pooh We will watch Thai maybe do some exciting errands, come home to some take-out, let the Gin and Tonics flow, watch a movie, go to bed. (Ahh, the exciting weekend life in Lawton never ceases.)
  • Sunday, drive home....can't decide whether or not to make it before or after that final round of the Master's is over. Such decisions are hard to make with so little time.

In any event, there always proves to be a great amount of laughs due to the easiness, and often readily available, ways to make fun of Heather and/or Terrie.

I Have Sold Out To Google....

...and I need your help to make it work. As you may notice, there are now Google advertisements on my sidebar. I have recently signed up for a program with Google that in exchange for them being allowed to advertise on my site, it also allows me to get paid every time someone clicks on those ads. So here is where you come in; this could turn out to be a nice little venture that could put some extra spending money in my pocket every month if you just click on those ads. I am not saying run down and click on every one of them, but if something does strike you as interesting......go ahead, click away. (And if nothing does strike your fancy, then click on one anyway and help the cause.)
From what I can understand about how this works is, the ads are specifically taylored to whatever I type about. Google searches my blog for key words or phrases, then selects ads to post based on that. For example, right now there are ads for crossword puzzles because I recently worte a blog about the TCU crossword, and I have a link to the USA Today daily crossword. So, depending on what I type about, will depend on the type of ads that you see. Then when you click on a link, it keeps a log in my account, and I get a little money for each click. At the end of each month I can either cash out my account, or let it accrue (this will totally depend on the price of crude oil, and how it effects my gas tank).
This should prove interesting.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Congratulations Royals

I feel I must take a moment to congratulate the Kansas City Royals on their first win of the season. Again, this is a "rebuilding year" (even though I am not sure that anything actually came unbuilt last year, since we were pretty much the worst team in baseball. I think the more aptly titled term should just be "building" year, but since I am not the paid term guy, my opinion doesn't matter), but with the first road win out of the way, and using a pitcher that hasnt pitched a game in over a year, I would consider this to be a good start.
Now, I do not want to jump the gun and say this is finally the year we could make it to the playoffs in God knows how long, but I think that a step in the right direction would at least be not to finish in last place, and closer than 20 games out of first place. If this was accomplished, I would be a happy fan knowing that the club was at least headed in the right direction. Granted, I am not exactly setting the highest of standards, but considering the past few years, I don't think what I have said is too much to ask for. Again, we have a young core centered around Mike Sweeney. If Sweeney stays healthy with his back this year, and we get some good production out of our younger guys, we might be able to finish somewhere near the .500 mark. That would be nice to see, and I think is reachable.
Anyway, good luck to the Royals, and hopefully I will be able to be in town one time this season during "buck night". That always proves to be a good time.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I Found My Keys

I know, I know...everyone in the DFW metropolitan area has been on a mad hunt for my keys (a ring that includes house and car keys along with 3 others that I am not sure where they belong). Well, call off the key hunt, they have been recovered. We have all searched high, and low, and everyone will be rewarded for their efforts. Now where on earth could these keys have dissapeared to and eluded such an expansive hunt? Under my couch. Kind of a funny story...I only found the missing keys in another search for my replacement keys. NOW, my spare set of keys are lost. Let another search begin.....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Funny Picture

Originally uploaded by hornietoad3.
I came across this picture today, and thought it really did ring true.

Hooray for Me

So, I think I am starting to get the hang of this "blog" thing. Now if I could only get someone besides my girlfriend (who probably only reads it because she feels obligated), and my mom (who is just happy I am doing something constructive besides drinking) to read it, I would be in good shape. Just try to bear with me as I make a few minor asthetic changes for the next few days. I am still trying to get all the kinks worked out. If you have any suggestions as to what I should do to this site, links I should add, etc. just let me know. Input is always welcome, but I reserve the right to reject any dumbass, way out-of-left-field ideas.

Congrats Roy

After spending most of my youthful life cheering against Roy Williams (as he was the Kansas basketball coach, and being from Missouri I was born not able to cheer for him), it was nice to see him win his first championship at his Alma Mater. I have always been a fan of UNC basketball, and it nice to see them get back in the spotlight again. Unfortunately, with all the upsets that went on my brackets were pretty much shot before the championship game got underway, so there is no reward for them winning to me. :( But anyway, two cheers for Roy and his pack of Tar Heel champions.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Heather and I went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar on Sundance Square last night. It was a blast, and I would highly recommend it to anyone of drinking age in the Fort Worth area. It had a very fun laid back atmoshpere with two pianomen going all night singing our favorites of yesteryear, and current chart toppers. They also took requests, which was cool. Here is there website to check out if you are in the area and are interested .

The final four was fun to watch yesterday. Although I would rather have seen Louisville win, I am just glad UNC won. I am pulling for them to win it all.

I forgot that time change was last night, and it kind of threw me for a loop when I woke up this morning and realized it was really an hour later than I thought it was. I don't know who thought up the time change, and what it's importance is, but all it does for me is screw up my sleeping schedule (well what schedule I try to have anyway).

I would definitely say the highlight of last night was at Zach's house last night. He was throwing a birthday party for his roommate Nick. It was an ok little shindig, complete with a slip and slide. Well, someone got the bright dea that it would be cool to pe on the slip and slide when Zach wasn't looking and thenmake him slide down it. So myself, and another equally intoxicated person who will remain nameless for his own protection, proceeded to relieve ourselves of extra bodily fluid up and down the long yellow slip and slide. Fortunately for us, Zach went down the slip and slide not only once, but TWICE! This was then followed by the birthday boy himself who decided he didn't want to miss out on the action and went down also. It really brought back memories of some kind of prank we would have pulled on someone like Dirk Otis in high school.

Ahhh....what a good saturday.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Final Four Has Arrived!!!

Even though my brackets are officially out of competition, thanks to a few upsets I didn't see coming, I am still looking forward to a wonderful day of basketball, brats, and beer. WOOOHOOOO!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dang TCU Crosswords

I have found myself becoming more perturbed each day with the status of the TCU Daily Skiff crossword. Now, either I have managed to become dumber as the year has progressed, or the crossword has become harder (lets hope it's the crossword). Now you might be thinking, "Ryan, you should be paying attention in class, not doing a crossword puzzle." Well let me explain something. Crosswords have been proven to help fight against Alzheimer's and dementia in your old age. So the way I see it I can listen to a boring rambling professor, try to act like I care about the topography of the eastern hemishpere, try to understand the reasoning behind anything my first year business communications teacher does, (you see where I am going with this)....OR I could proactively start to try and prevent a disease that is just waiting to overtake my body when I become old. I think I am doing the right thing by trying to preserve my health, but with the crossword getting harder and harder, I truly do find myself in a predicament; do I stress out about what the heck 15 across is (which could lead to health problems in the future), listen to my instructors (which could lead to health problems in the future), or not worry about the crossword at all (which could lead to health problems in the future). What am I to do? It seems as though all roads are leading to a dead end. (haha, pardon the terrible pun)