Thursday, April 14, 2005

All in Favor Say, "Aye"

Today I heard about a bill that is in the process of getting passed in the Texas state legislature that I must say I am completely for, and think is long overdue. The bill basically prevents people who get fat because they eat crappy food, and are too damn lazy to work out, from suing fast food companies like McDonald's for their overweight problems.
According to Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale, "This basically is supposed to shield folks who sell food or raise animals that are made into food ... from having to defend themselves against lawsuits ... over obesity claims from overeating." Good for you Mr. Arsdale for trying to get this law passed in the first place.
I myself (am somewhat ashamed to say) have put on a few extra pounds over the recent months, but am I about to go sue Budweiser for making such a sweet, mouth-watering concotion that I can't resist? No. It is nobody's fault but my own when I eat fast food, drink beer, and don't work out like I should. I have always thought it a cheap way out for people to sue the fast food industry because they are to damn lazy to get off their ass and do something about their overweight problem.
According to this article similar bills have been passed in 15 other states. I don't know which states they are, but good job to them too. And for the other states that haven't yet adopted this as a law, YOU SHOULD!


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...

My problem: taco bell. And yes, I'll take that lap dance, let's just not tell Heather.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger dawson said...

and wouldn't this also apply to other areas of our life, like medicines? (I posted a blog about this very thing -"Take Responsiblity for Yourself"). After all, we are the ones who put the drugs in our mouths; we are the ones who agree to use the meds. We don't have to blindly accept a medication. I think we've become a sue-happy, do-anything-to get-rich-without-working society!


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