Thursday, April 07, 2005

Congratulations Royals

I feel I must take a moment to congratulate the Kansas City Royals on their first win of the season. Again, this is a "rebuilding year" (even though I am not sure that anything actually came unbuilt last year, since we were pretty much the worst team in baseball. I think the more aptly titled term should just be "building" year, but since I am not the paid term guy, my opinion doesn't matter), but with the first road win out of the way, and using a pitcher that hasnt pitched a game in over a year, I would consider this to be a good start.
Now, I do not want to jump the gun and say this is finally the year we could make it to the playoffs in God knows how long, but I think that a step in the right direction would at least be not to finish in last place, and closer than 20 games out of first place. If this was accomplished, I would be a happy fan knowing that the club was at least headed in the right direction. Granted, I am not exactly setting the highest of standards, but considering the past few years, I don't think what I have said is too much to ask for. Again, we have a young core centered around Mike Sweeney. If Sweeney stays healthy with his back this year, and we get some good production out of our younger guys, we might be able to finish somewhere near the .500 mark. That would be nice to see, and I think is reachable.
Anyway, good luck to the Royals, and hopefully I will be able to be in town one time this season during "buck night". That always proves to be a good time.


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous jeff said...

the royals suck

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Mom.... said...

The Royals do not suck!!!!


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