Friday, April 08, 2005

I Have Sold Out To Google....

...and I need your help to make it work. As you may notice, there are now Google advertisements on my sidebar. I have recently signed up for a program with Google that in exchange for them being allowed to advertise on my site, it also allows me to get paid every time someone clicks on those ads. So here is where you come in; this could turn out to be a nice little venture that could put some extra spending money in my pocket every month if you just click on those ads. I am not saying run down and click on every one of them, but if something does strike you as interesting......go ahead, click away. (And if nothing does strike your fancy, then click on one anyway and help the cause.)
From what I can understand about how this works is, the ads are specifically taylored to whatever I type about. Google searches my blog for key words or phrases, then selects ads to post based on that. For example, right now there are ads for crossword puzzles because I recently worte a blog about the TCU crossword, and I have a link to the USA Today daily crossword. So, depending on what I type about, will depend on the type of ads that you see. Then when you click on a link, it keeps a log in my account, and I get a little money for each click. At the end of each month I can either cash out my account, or let it accrue (this will totally depend on the price of crude oil, and how it effects my gas tank).
This should prove interesting.


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