Friday, April 29, 2005

It's Been A Few Days

So, sorry it has been a few days since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic in Ryanville. Finals are rapidly approaching, and though I don't intend on seeing any all nighters this year, I still need to do well so I can get some decent grades. Also, the one thing I have decided is on my "Top 5 Things I Hate Most About School" list is the annual project in every class due the last week of class. It sucks. In every class next week, I either have a report, project, or presentation due; in some cases all three! What sucks most about all this, is that most of the time it involves groups.
Group projects suck. There is always one lame dumb-ass who can't get their shit together, and in turn, expect everyone else to pick their slack. That really just chaps my ass. Seriously, you are not in high school anymore. In colllege (especially the business school at TCU) these projects are designed to replicate real world/business situations. Most of the time the project does a good job of that. All I have to say is, if in the real business world I get stuck working with some dumb-shit, lazy-ass, mo-fo's all the time, I will not be lasting at a business very long. Either that person will get thrown off the roof of the building, or....well actually, that is about it; we will be seeing if people can fly.
Sorry to go on a rant about group projects, but it seems this semester in particular has been extremely bad.


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