Friday, April 22, 2005

My Book

So you all probably thought I was just joking around when I said I was going to write a book. Well, you would all be wrong. That's right, wrong. I have come up with an idea for a book that I think would be pretty funny, and interesting/informational at the same time, and definitely would sell if marketed right. I am writing a rough outline now; just getting some chapter and content ideas down on paper.
In looking at some book publisher/distributor websites, such as Random House Publishing, I noticed that most of them required a literary agent. I located an agent in Dallas that I think I am going to use. Based on what I have found about his knowledge, experience, and past/currnet clients, he seems like he knows what he is doing. One of the big things also, is that he doesnt charge a "reading fee". From what I understand this just means that he will look over my stuff and see if it is worth while for free.
My plan is to have a rough outline and a little content completed by next week. I have to submit a brief synopsis, and outline to the agent for him to look at. If he likes it, I will then have to write at least one whole chapter, or parts of a few different ones, for him to see exactly what the book would be like, my writing style, etc.
I really have no idea how long this book will end up being, but from what I have so far, I could come up with probably 20+ chapters. So, if there is 3 or more pages per chapter, this could be quite an undertaking. But, I have decided on an idea that will be fun for me to write about, and a subject matter that I am knowledgable about. And, if you were wondering, no I am not going to leak anything right now on what it is about. All of that will be told to you in due time.


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us know when you strike it rich, we would love to move somewhere when we retire so Bob can golf and I don't have to scrub our walls. LOL

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...

OOOh, can the vixen in the book be named Lindsay?


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