Friday, April 08, 2005

On the Road Again...

...oh how I just can't wait to get on the road again. Well, actually, sitting in rush hour traffic on a Friday in the DFW metroplex is probably one of the worst possible things on earth, but I have made a commitment to go to Oklahoma again this weekend. So, as I prepare to depart work on this sunny Friday afternoon, I look ahead to the weekend that might be.....
  • Starting here in about 30 minutes I will begin the trek home to pick up my paycheck that will be awaiting me with open arms in my mailbox, only to be immediately deposited in my bank account for use as survival money (nothing more, nothing less)
  • After my excursion to BankOne, I will motor along towards beautiful Lawton, Oklahoma and Mt. Scott. This in itself will prove to be interesting, as always, because I have come to realize that every crappy woman driver, and police officer are attracted to my unwashed Chevy Blazer. It never amazes me how much crappier Texas drivers are than in Missouri (and anywhere else for that matter), I could in fact write a whole blog entry on this alone, but I will refrain for the time being.
  • After arriving in Lawton I fully expect to be greeted as always by a huge hug that borders on the verge of total uncomfortableness by heaters mom (just kidding Terrie). After this will come Heather and Petey, followed thereafter by a rousing "hey" with the corresponding head nod from Kris, and if KevDog is home probably some question about how me week was.
  • After some chilies take out KevDog will offer me (hopefully), as always, one of his world famous Gin and Tonics. These drinks are not to be taken lightly. Mixed with tanager, the right amount of tonic water, and a freshly cut lime, these drinks are amazingly thirst quenching. I fully believe that if ever he decided to stop being a Dr., he could probably open a bar and just serve these drinks and make a ton of money.
  • There will probably be a rented Blockbuster or Hastings movie waiting to be watched, and the night will slowly die down. Well for most of us it will, for Crazy Terrie it will just be getting started after she finishes a bottle of wine.
  • Saturday I fully expect to be much of the same as Friday. I will try to sleep in, Heather will until approximately 5 pooh We will watch Thai maybe do some exciting errands, come home to some take-out, let the Gin and Tonics flow, watch a movie, go to bed. (Ahh, the exciting weekend life in Lawton never ceases.)
  • Sunday, drive home....can't decide whether or not to make it before or after that final round of the Master's is over. Such decisions are hard to make with so little time.

In any event, there always proves to be a great amount of laughs due to the easiness, and often readily available, ways to make fun of Heather and/or Terrie.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Mom.... said...

Bob says "Go Mickelson". Are you working on your Mickelson saunter?


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