Thursday, April 21, 2005

Screw You Party Poker!!!

I did it. I am ashamed to say that I did it. I succomed to the prospect of riches and glory on the World Poker Tour. I gave - heavy emphasis on the word gave - Party Poker, and its league of crappy poker players, $50 of my hard earned dollars. Jeff and I each bought in for $50 and were playing in a few $5 tournaments. Everything was rolling along just fine after day #1. I broke even after about 6 tournaments, and was proud of myself for doing this as a virgin to the online gaming world. Jeff was in about the same boat as I. Then came day #2....
Day #2 started out as any other day. Wake up about 30 minutes later than I should have. Let Rip outside on my way to the bathroom. Take a nice hot shower to wake me up. Drink my slim fast for breakfast (shut-up). Get some work done. Go to class. Then.........Party Poker, the new addition to my routine, that will quickly be axed out. Hoping ot capitalize on my previous day, I have lofty goals. After all, breaking even after my first day, why shouldn't I at least make $100,000.00 on day #2? It seems reasonable, right? Well apparantly not. The poker gods were frowing upon me yesterday from the very beginning. (I can only assume this is due to the clear skies yesterday, therefore giving them a clear line of sight to frown down on me.)
After losing my first two tournaments, I finally got in the money on tournament 3. At the same time, sitting next to me, Jeff has managed to get his bankroll up to $75. From here is only got worse...way worse.
As a littl aside, one thing that most people don't know about Party Poker is that you can't cash out for less than $50. So, if I only have $35 in my account, I might as well play because it is just going to sit there if I don't. Many would call this a sneaky tactic by Party Poker, and I would tend to agree.
In the next few tournaments I was in I was doing real well until one hand showed up each time...the flush. It really was amazing actually, especiallyfor the person I was playing against. For me, it sucked. Each time, I flopped top two-pair. This is a good hand to flop in poker. But inevitably, as I was called to all in, the person who called me ended up drawing out to a flush. It really did get me thinking that divine intervention was having a hand in my night, because that just doesn't happen three tournaments in a row. (at one point, two hands in a row) Oh, and by-the-by at the same time I am getting royally screwed, Jeff is too. The one thing that I do find rather funny looking back is the amount of yelling we both did at our laptops. It was as if the louder we yelled, the cards would hear us and eventually go in our favor.
Needless to say the night ended in absolute tragedy as both Jeff and myself lost our money. I will never forgive Party Poker for what they have done to me the past few days. I will also never forgot the people I played with, you know who you are; the person who goes all in with 8-3 offsuit while I have top two pair and you pick up your flush, or you Mr. I Have Bottom Pair to Your Top Pair, But I Will Pick Up My Trips on the River player. You all suck in my mind, and in a real game where I could read you, as you were nervously sitting across the table from my enormous chip lead, I would DESTROY you.
Damn Party Poker.


At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:37 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...

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