Sunday, May 29, 2005

Boring Weekend

This has been a pretty boring weekend. Nothing exciting going on, so nothing exciting to write about. I am just drinking my Bud Select, and burning DVD's. Wow, I am so damn cool.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Maybe It Was A Good Thing

First I must say I am sorry to all the people whos livelyhood depends on my blogging. I have not been able to post much lately because so much has been going on. I have been trying to get all my stuff packed up so I can have a smooth move. There are a lot of things I realized I don't need anymore, but have just been lugging along with me on all my moves since high school.

Anyway, besides all the cleaning and packing, my car was broken into the other night. I am really not sure what to make of the whole situation. Apparantly the robbers just went down the whole street and took every aftermarket stereo. I have been toying with the idea of buying a new stereo lately but just havent really had the funds. With this happening however, it gives me the perfect excuse to go out and get a new stereo. I still didn't have a lot of money to really get the stuff that I wanted, yet I went ahead and splurged a little bit. I went ahead and bought an XM Satellite system to install. I got a pretty good deal on the whole package, and the monthly fee is only like $12.95 + tax.

I am happy that the person who broke in my car actually knew what he was doing. They didnt break the window, my lock, or bust up my dash board. They even left behind some of my original cords, and mounting kit. What nice and considerate thieves.

Thats all folks! "Seacrest out!"

Monday, May 23, 2005

Cocktails and Dreams

In case you may not know, that is the name of the bar that Tom Cruise has dreams of starting in the movie Cocktail. I was watching that movie last night, and it just reinforced how much I want to start a bar. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to start some seedy bar in Manhattan, or go to Jamaica, but I still want to start a bar nonetheless. Also, I am not starting a club. I absolutely hate when people say they want to go to the bar, and take me to a club. I don't have anything against clubs, but they are not the same as bars. Most of the time you can't hear yourself think, and that is not some place I want to work; go to yes, work at NO. I have always toiled about what exactly I want my establishment to be like, especially since there are many ways to fashion your bar.

I have always been a fan of the sports bar. Great memorabelia on the walls, some dart boards and pool tables, big screen TV's for all the games; not much wrong with that. Being an avid sportsfan myself, this would seem like the most logical establishment. Sports bars always seem to have a very funloving atmosphere, that only escalates with the big game (especially if the hometown team is in that game). Good looking waitresses in size-to-small outfits, and drunk sports fans equals money....simple as that. Plus I would never miss a game. I could always use "work" as an excuse to get out of the house and watch the big game in a room of my drunken peers.

Another option is the Old English Pub-esque model of bar. All dark wood, fox hunting pictures on the wall, the old school wooden kegs; creates a nice picture in my mind if done correctly. However, to do this correctly I would probably have to actually visit a bar in England. If I did it this way, I would want to make sure it is done correctly...hence the trip to England (which has always been on my list of stuff to do anyway. It would be a great site to look at, but I wonder if it would get much appreciation in America. Hmm.

Cheers. Probably the most famous bar in America. Popularized by the television show, yet an appealing choice. I like going into the neighborhood bar (in my case The Pub by TCU), and having the bartender know your name. It creates a personal aura about the place, and I definitely think that leads to repeat business. This bar would no doubt have to jukebox in the corner with classic rock in rotation; that would be a neccisity. The decor would be a mix of sports, music, random garage sale stuff that is way cool (and preferably from the 80's), and popular beer advertisements on the wall.

A cheap star-up choice, yet maybe on e of the more fun to operate would be the college bar. This would be just above the seedy level that I am staying away from, yet I would not have to worry as much about the appearance of the joint. The only thing college kids care about is if their fake ID's work, there are drink specials, and if you will stay open just a little bit past closing time. I think it would definitely be fun due to the college atmosphere. With the right college, it would be a great success. This would be the perfect option if I wanted to start a place cheap. This bar would also provide me the best opportunity to have a live music venue. College bands are always looking for a place to play, and the booking cost would be cheap.

My last choice would be the "Bar and Grill". Although I am not opposed to serving certain foods in my establishment, I kind of want to stay away from being a food joint. I don't really mind going to them once in a while, but I don't really have a burning desire to own one.

Except for the college bar option, the ideal spot for me to begin my endeavor would be in some downtown locale. Fort Worth is a great example of a city on the upswing of things that would be a great market. If Kansas City would ever get in gear, I think that would be a great location also. Basically I would like to be in a nice downtown area, but not the ghetto. It would make the clientelle a little more upscale, and pretty much just better the overall atmosphere. I guess it is kind of a moot point to talk about all this right now since I don't have any financial means whatsoever to even think about starting this. But it is something I have always wanted to do. Afterall, I have always been told you need to work at a place you don't mind showing up to every day; this would be that place.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hmmmm.....What To Write About

So much is going on right now, but I don't want to bore you all with the little things so I will givce you a brief synopsis....

First, I want to say I am not happy with the big yellow ball in the sky right now. Don't get me wrong I would rather have it be sunny than cloudy and cold, but the heat skyrocketted the past week. The temp has gone from the 80's to up near 100 in no time at all. I don't like that. Also, Heather got sun poisoning this weekend. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about that. You see if Heather is ever wronged by a person, I can talk to them. If something ever happens to her due to a small inanimate object, I can kick it, burn it, or whatever. The sun....I don't really have a recourse against. Sorry.

Speaking of Heather, she is soon to be my roomate. More importantly however, Lindsay is soon to be my roomate. It is no secret that I am actually going out with Heather just to get to her sister. :) But seriously, it should make for a fun and interesting summer; not to mention the money I am going to save on gas.

Talking to my OU advisor, I am both excited and scared. I am definitely happy that I finally got accepted, and can now start enrolling in class. But, I am also scared because my advisor had about as much emotion as a box of rocks and didn't really tell me about a graduation date I can expect. To the best of my knowledge it should take about another 1 1/2 - 2 years. Which all things considered, if I can make it out of college in 5 years I will be happy.

Well, that is about all for now. Time to continue packing; I will be out of Texas as soon as Chris can move in. And as for a little side note.....packing and moving SUCKS! I have so much shit that I had forgotten about, and that I really don't need. So far my trashbag tally is up to 3, plus stuff that is too big for the bag; damn.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Am Sad

Well folks, clear your calendars. Get a suit and haircut. Get ready to attend my funeral. Today I recieved some sad news on my death. Apparently I am going to die on December 21st, 2049. I know that is a ways away from now, but doing the math I will only be 65 years old. Not even old enough to enjoy retirement. Damn. I am going to have to get cooking on getting rich so I can enjoy the rest of my days. When all the sad stuff is over, on December 23rd, 2049 will be a big party in my rememberance. I am going to put Ice Riccitelli in charge of my death party so that way I know it will be a blast. We should start planning it now.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Insurance Company

I am not one to just use this blog as a forum to bitch about happenings in my life, but today is an exception. I was checking my credit report online today when I stumbled across something that caught my eye. I had a charge-off on my report for $1,360. Basically a charge-off is a really bad negative mark that will prevent me from getting any type of credit or financing in the future. Normally this would not be a terrible thing but with my new company, the bank is running credit checks on Jeff and me.

So, after a little hunting around I found out this is a debt that I apparantly owe my anastesiologist from a kidney stone surgery I had back in June of 2004. First I called the collection agency that it was sent to, they pointed me in the direction of my insurance company.
When I called the insurance company some guy answered who sounded like he was either doing drugs, or just dumb as a fucking rock. Either way he was probably the least helpful person I could have spoken to....and being an insurance company, I am sure there are a lot of unhelpful people.

I started out by asking him why there was this balance, to which he replied from the Dr. He said they could not process the claim without getting the exact minutes the Dr. used. I am assuming this is to make sure he did not overbill or something. Mr. Dumbshit said that they sent out a letter to the anastesiologist, but got no reply. Here is where it gets retarded. Instead of sending out another letter or letting me know, they just let it sit; didn't do a damn thing. So, the Dr. of course sent this to a collection agency (who also never called), and then it was subsequently charged off on my credit bureau. Anyway, back to my conversation with I was having with Captain Crappy... I asked him what they do now, to which he predictably replied, "nothing". Then I told him to send the stuff to me which he said he could do, although faxing the items would do nothing less than cost him his job and possibly his life. After he said he would send me the account information I asked if he had the Dr's info so I could get in touch with him myself. HE SAID NO! How the hell do you not have the Dr's number? Did you even contact him like you said you did? Do you know what your name is? I mean seriously, what the fuck is going on with this guy and the insurance company in general. From the start of my surgery, Aetna has just been one big clusterfuck with no signs of getting any better. If they would not be so goddamn lazy, none of this would be an issue. I mean, one simple fucking follow up and I would not be worrying about this a year later.

So now I am left with a manhunt to find my anastesiologist. The crappy thing about is it, I had a lot of hospital work done at a few different hospitals in Fort Worth this summer due to my kidney stone problem. I hope Mr. I Am A Shitty Customer Service Man realizes what trouble he has cost me. If they would have just told me about this when it happened ALMOST A YEAR AGO I would not be in this situation right now. But no, that would have been to easy.

I am pissed, and have to go calm my nerves. Hello Mr. Bud Light.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday's Cheers and Jeers

It has been a good day, so there is only one cheers: I finally got in to the University of Oklahoma. more on this to come........

Monday, May 16, 2005

A Pretty Good Weekend

So this weekend was pretty fun. On Thursday night Heather and Lindsay decided to drive down here at midnight - something that doesn't suprise me from Lindsay, but was a huge shocker from Heather. It was tough staying up waiting for them to get here, but well worth the wait considering our Friday night outing. On Friday we went to Zach's to kick off our fun filled evenging with a great steak cookout. After stufing my stomach with more food than I thought I was able to consume, we headed out to the Flying Saucer; one of my favorite beer drinking establishments EVER. A great atmosphere, 2 outdoor patios, live music, and over 200 beers to choose from means it is a prime spot to sit back and enjoy a cold one.

Lindsay, being her typical self, had no problem attracting the wondering eyes of gentlemen from the time we paid the door man. There were the tow guys who told her what beer to order first, to the guy intown from San Diego (who became cool after he bought a round of drinks, yet frowned on us at the beginning of the night for having Sprint cell phones; he works for Verizon). But, the ultimate highlight of the night were the three Italian guys we ended up spending a few hours with: Omar, Fabio, and some other guy with a cool name I can't remember. I learned a whole lot of Italian that I don't remember now, except for "Vafantoulo" - I am spelling based solely on sound here. I won't write down the meaning of this word because I don't want my mother to think my mouth is impure. The night ended as the bar closed - well it was just getting under way for Heather because she had a date with the toilet after we left the bar (I think you get my drift).

Saturday we headed up to Lawton for a glorious weekend in Oklahoma. It was real nice when we got up there Saturday and were able to lay out by the pool and drink for a majority of the day. Our original Sunday plans of going to the lake got thwarted by mother nature and her cloudy skies, yet the day ended up to be a good one anyway. Jeff and I decided to walk on the golf course that sits behind Heather's house and play a few holes. The idea was great, adn going well until an old man came up and yelled at us. It was like he wasn't so mad we were on the golf course, rather that we weren't wearing the appropriate attire. So we headed back and had a chipping contest out of the back yard, which I destroyed Jeff in. After a while, we decided to brave the golf course and curse of the old man again. We played the third hole, and as we were walking back to the yard......the old man appeared as if from nowhere. According to him I am never to play golf again, and I just might not for fear of the old man in a yellow polo, with the dark blue wind jacket and a nasty combover.

Later in the night was Lindsay's party. Good party, even better food. Cudos to Brian for making such mouthwateringly tasty cheeseburgers that filled my stomach to about 9% beyond maximum capacity. The best part of the night however was the Dallas Mavericks. They tied the playoff series with the Phoenix Suns at 2 games a piece. The Mavs have a long road ahead of them to win 2 of the next 3 games, but it is definitely able to be done.

Ah alas, now I am back in my comfortable, yet a little dirty and smelly house. Tomorrow I go back to work, and that will suck. Waking up early sucks. Waiting in traffic sucks. Working in general sucks. Wow, my mood has gone from one of happiness to being a little down thinking about work. I must go now and sulk.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Past Few Days

So, the past few days have been pretty interesting. Finals went well for the most part. I am not sure what exactly my final grades are in some classes yet, but I know I have managed a few B's so far. Overall, I think this has been my most successful of my collegiate career.

For the most exciting news of the week....I am now officially a so-owner of a business. Jeff and I are now partners in a legal business entity. R & J Enterprises, L.L.P. is born. We were also able to get our tax i.d. number, and start a bank account. Now, we have begun talking to a seller, and hopefully buy the end of the week we will be negotiating with the buyer. Our goal is to get our first deal finalized by the middle to end of next week.

OU FINALLY got my transcript. The whole transfer system they have in place up there is just one giant cluster-fuck. It is amazing to me that it has taken over a month and a half to get to the point where they will even review my application. For an establishment of higher learning, I am beginning to wonder if any of the employees there ever went to college.

The past few days I have been watching all the Star Wars movies. I don't really consider myself a die hard fan or anything, but I do find them rather entertaining...or at least 4, 5, and 6. I really haven't been that impressed with the first two, and unless the thrid one has some major improvements made I will consider all the new ones a waste of time.

This weekend should be fun. Saturday I am going to help move out Alison then take off to L-Town with Jeff. Thankfully I won't get up there in time to go to the wedding, so Jeff and I plan on just sitting around Heather's pool and drinking....a lot. Sunday night is Lindsay's big en of the year bash, and I fully expect that to very interesting to say the least.

Well folks, that all for now. Have an enjoyable Thursday night.

Something Soon

For all my die hard blog reading fans, I will update either later on today or tomorrow. I have just had a ton of stuff going on, so I haven't really had the time.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My $2500 Predicament

Hmm, what to do...what to do. As most of you know, Jeff and I are starting up a business. We feel this business could be very lucrative if done correctly. But, we are to the point now where nothing is going to get done one hour at-a-time in the evening. However, we both need to take off work for a week, get our papers filed with the state government, get the business and a client base started, etc. Obviously this is not something that we can do after we get home from our other jobs everyday. Here is where my predicament comes into play....

I sent an email to my parents asking them for about $300 each. This would go to offset the paycheck I would not be receiving for my week off of work; I would in turn still be able to eat, pay bills, buy gas, and just in general live. This $300 is not any type of investment into the business.

Well my father, as to be expected, gave me a "counter offer". I have been mulling over the idea for over 24 hours now, and think I have made my decision. He told me that he only has about $2500 left in my college account, and with my brother rapidly approaching college age, he has to start saving for him. He told me that he would give me that $2500 to do with as I please; meaning bills, business, or otherwise. I think I am going to go ahead and take him up on the offer, and here is my reasoning:
  • If all goes to plan, next year I will be going to OU. OU full price is about what I am paying at TCU now after all my grants. After all my grants kick in at OU, it will be considerably cheaper. If the business kicks into gear like it should, I would have no trouble at all paying the half of my college tuition that my dad wont cover anymore.
  • My second year at OU, I will be considered an "in state resident". Therefore meaning the price would drop even more. The my grants kick in, etc., etc.
  • The $2500 would not only cover the $200 I have to pay to get this license to operate, but also any other start-up expenses that may arise....which to our calculations should be rather minimal. The rest would pretty much go into savings.
  • After my week off from work to get this started, I would return to work part-time for at least my last two weeks...maybe longer. With this being the case, I would still get an OK income from part time work to help with other living expenses that arise. So, it is not like I would just be living off his $2500.
  • If the business goes south I would have most of his money left in savings, so it would not take long to get back the money that was spent before school starts up next year.

So, I think I am going to go ahead and take the $2500, get this business started, and live happily ever after. I don't see any flaws in my thinking, and to tell you the truth I am actually very proud of myself. I think Jeff and I have put more thought into this business endeavor, than anything we have before. We are really trying to do this the right way, so we won't get shit on later.

I think it will all work out. Good offer, dad. I accept.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cheers and Jeers

This weeks installment of the "Tuesday Cheers and Jeers" is brought to you by 2-ply toilet paper; making butts feel better since 1963. Here we go....
  • Cheers to Jeff - today is is 21st birthday. We are all al little suprised that he made it this long, but congratualtions anyway.
  • Jeers to Jeff - and not being able to go out on his 21st birthday. I uncovered a secret plot that was being masterminded by his professors. In an attempt to completely destroy Jeff's 21st birthday, they ever so rudely made him have 2 projects and a speech due today.
  • Cheers to Cinco de Mayo - the only good thing to come from Mexico. This will be Jeff's unofficial 21st birthday. It always proves to be a fun "holiday".
  • Jeers to the University of Oklahoma - and their shitty admissions department. They ever so graciously lost one of my transcripts, so that I had to re-order it. AND it iwll take another two weeks after they receive it to let me know if I am accepted.
  • Cheers to the Dallas Mavericks - coming back from an 0-2 deficit. They now lead the series 3-2, and only need to win one mroe game to advance. I feel confident they can.
  • Jeers to me - and my lack of blogging lately. With school coming to a close, I have just been busy with tests, projects, and speeches. I will get back to my old form soon.
  • Cheers to the summer weather arriving - my buddy Zach on his blog (see sidebar) put it best... "I like the natural scenery that comes with this season change, the grass looks healthy and the trees are full of life. To be honest with you though that does not hold a candle to the man made scenery that is provided by the weather change.
    The girls are looking fantastic."
  • Jeers to my toilet clogging - and my sink, and my tub. It just creates a damn hassle. It kind of fixed itself miraculously, but it still isn't like new.
  • Cheers to a washer and dryer - I now can wash my clothes in the comfort of my own garage. It is nice to do laundry whenever I want; wow, never thought I would say that.
  • Jeers to the water bill - and the increased price that will come with our new found washer. Bills suck.

Well that wraps it up for this week folks. See you next time. And remember....

"Knowing is half the battle" - G.I. Joe