Monday, May 23, 2005

Cocktails and Dreams

In case you may not know, that is the name of the bar that Tom Cruise has dreams of starting in the movie Cocktail. I was watching that movie last night, and it just reinforced how much I want to start a bar. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to start some seedy bar in Manhattan, or go to Jamaica, but I still want to start a bar nonetheless. Also, I am not starting a club. I absolutely hate when people say they want to go to the bar, and take me to a club. I don't have anything against clubs, but they are not the same as bars. Most of the time you can't hear yourself think, and that is not some place I want to work; go to yes, work at NO. I have always toiled about what exactly I want my establishment to be like, especially since there are many ways to fashion your bar.

I have always been a fan of the sports bar. Great memorabelia on the walls, some dart boards and pool tables, big screen TV's for all the games; not much wrong with that. Being an avid sportsfan myself, this would seem like the most logical establishment. Sports bars always seem to have a very funloving atmosphere, that only escalates with the big game (especially if the hometown team is in that game). Good looking waitresses in size-to-small outfits, and drunk sports fans equals money....simple as that. Plus I would never miss a game. I could always use "work" as an excuse to get out of the house and watch the big game in a room of my drunken peers.

Another option is the Old English Pub-esque model of bar. All dark wood, fox hunting pictures on the wall, the old school wooden kegs; creates a nice picture in my mind if done correctly. However, to do this correctly I would probably have to actually visit a bar in England. If I did it this way, I would want to make sure it is done correctly...hence the trip to England (which has always been on my list of stuff to do anyway. It would be a great site to look at, but I wonder if it would get much appreciation in America. Hmm.

Cheers. Probably the most famous bar in America. Popularized by the television show, yet an appealing choice. I like going into the neighborhood bar (in my case The Pub by TCU), and having the bartender know your name. It creates a personal aura about the place, and I definitely think that leads to repeat business. This bar would no doubt have to jukebox in the corner with classic rock in rotation; that would be a neccisity. The decor would be a mix of sports, music, random garage sale stuff that is way cool (and preferably from the 80's), and popular beer advertisements on the wall.

A cheap star-up choice, yet maybe on e of the more fun to operate would be the college bar. This would be just above the seedy level that I am staying away from, yet I would not have to worry as much about the appearance of the joint. The only thing college kids care about is if their fake ID's work, there are drink specials, and if you will stay open just a little bit past closing time. I think it would definitely be fun due to the college atmosphere. With the right college, it would be a great success. This would be the perfect option if I wanted to start a place cheap. This bar would also provide me the best opportunity to have a live music venue. College bands are always looking for a place to play, and the booking cost would be cheap.

My last choice would be the "Bar and Grill". Although I am not opposed to serving certain foods in my establishment, I kind of want to stay away from being a food joint. I don't really mind going to them once in a while, but I don't really have a burning desire to own one.

Except for the college bar option, the ideal spot for me to begin my endeavor would be in some downtown locale. Fort Worth is a great example of a city on the upswing of things that would be a great market. If Kansas City would ever get in gear, I think that would be a great location also. Basically I would like to be in a nice downtown area, but not the ghetto. It would make the clientelle a little more upscale, and pretty much just better the overall atmosphere. I guess it is kind of a moot point to talk about all this right now since I don't have any financial means whatsoever to even think about starting this. But it is something I have always wanted to do. Afterall, I have always been told you need to work at a place you don't mind showing up to every day; this would be that place.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good shit. my plan is also to open a bar.I plan to open my bar in 8 years. Im going for the irish pub more or less. Going to ireland next summer to check it out.


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