Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Am Sad

Well folks, clear your calendars. Get a suit and haircut. Get ready to attend my funeral. Today I recieved some sad news on my death. Apparently I am going to die on December 21st, 2049. I know that is a ways away from now, but doing the math I will only be 65 years old. Not even old enough to enjoy retirement. Damn. I am going to have to get cooking on getting rich so I can enjoy the rest of my days. When all the sad stuff is over, on December 23rd, 2049 will be a big party in my rememberance. I am going to put Ice Riccitelli in charge of my death party so that way I know it will be a blast. We should start planning it now.....


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Zach said...

I better get somthing badass in your will.


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