Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Insurance Company

I am not one to just use this blog as a forum to bitch about happenings in my life, but today is an exception. I was checking my credit report online today when I stumbled across something that caught my eye. I had a charge-off on my report for $1,360. Basically a charge-off is a really bad negative mark that will prevent me from getting any type of credit or financing in the future. Normally this would not be a terrible thing but with my new company, the bank is running credit checks on Jeff and me.

So, after a little hunting around I found out this is a debt that I apparantly owe my anastesiologist from a kidney stone surgery I had back in June of 2004. First I called the collection agency that it was sent to, they pointed me in the direction of my insurance company.
When I called the insurance company some guy answered who sounded like he was either doing drugs, or just dumb as a fucking rock. Either way he was probably the least helpful person I could have spoken to....and being an insurance company, I am sure there are a lot of unhelpful people.

I started out by asking him why there was this balance, to which he replied from the Dr. He said they could not process the claim without getting the exact minutes the Dr. used. I am assuming this is to make sure he did not overbill or something. Mr. Dumbshit said that they sent out a letter to the anastesiologist, but got no reply. Here is where it gets retarded. Instead of sending out another letter or letting me know, they just let it sit; didn't do a damn thing. So, the Dr. of course sent this to a collection agency (who also never called), and then it was subsequently charged off on my credit bureau. Anyway, back to my conversation with I was having with Captain Crappy... I asked him what they do now, to which he predictably replied, "nothing". Then I told him to send the stuff to me which he said he could do, although faxing the items would do nothing less than cost him his job and possibly his life. After he said he would send me the account information I asked if he had the Dr's info so I could get in touch with him myself. HE SAID NO! How the hell do you not have the Dr's number? Did you even contact him like you said you did? Do you know what your name is? I mean seriously, what the fuck is going on with this guy and the insurance company in general. From the start of my surgery, Aetna has just been one big clusterfuck with no signs of getting any better. If they would not be so goddamn lazy, none of this would be an issue. I mean, one simple fucking follow up and I would not be worrying about this a year later.

So now I am left with a manhunt to find my anastesiologist. The crappy thing about is it, I had a lot of hospital work done at a few different hospitals in Fort Worth this summer due to my kidney stone problem. I hope Mr. I Am A Shitty Customer Service Man realizes what trouble he has cost me. If they would have just told me about this when it happened ALMOST A YEAR AGO I would not be in this situation right now. But no, that would have been to easy.

I am pissed, and have to go calm my nerves. Hello Mr. Bud Light.


At 4:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing like adding more stress to a person's life than trying to figure out insurance claims. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Mom.


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