Monday, May 16, 2005

A Pretty Good Weekend

So this weekend was pretty fun. On Thursday night Heather and Lindsay decided to drive down here at midnight - something that doesn't suprise me from Lindsay, but was a huge shocker from Heather. It was tough staying up waiting for them to get here, but well worth the wait considering our Friday night outing. On Friday we went to Zach's to kick off our fun filled evenging with a great steak cookout. After stufing my stomach with more food than I thought I was able to consume, we headed out to the Flying Saucer; one of my favorite beer drinking establishments EVER. A great atmosphere, 2 outdoor patios, live music, and over 200 beers to choose from means it is a prime spot to sit back and enjoy a cold one.

Lindsay, being her typical self, had no problem attracting the wondering eyes of gentlemen from the time we paid the door man. There were the tow guys who told her what beer to order first, to the guy intown from San Diego (who became cool after he bought a round of drinks, yet frowned on us at the beginning of the night for having Sprint cell phones; he works for Verizon). But, the ultimate highlight of the night were the three Italian guys we ended up spending a few hours with: Omar, Fabio, and some other guy with a cool name I can't remember. I learned a whole lot of Italian that I don't remember now, except for "Vafantoulo" - I am spelling based solely on sound here. I won't write down the meaning of this word because I don't want my mother to think my mouth is impure. The night ended as the bar closed - well it was just getting under way for Heather because she had a date with the toilet after we left the bar (I think you get my drift).

Saturday we headed up to Lawton for a glorious weekend in Oklahoma. It was real nice when we got up there Saturday and were able to lay out by the pool and drink for a majority of the day. Our original Sunday plans of going to the lake got thwarted by mother nature and her cloudy skies, yet the day ended up to be a good one anyway. Jeff and I decided to walk on the golf course that sits behind Heather's house and play a few holes. The idea was great, adn going well until an old man came up and yelled at us. It was like he wasn't so mad we were on the golf course, rather that we weren't wearing the appropriate attire. So we headed back and had a chipping contest out of the back yard, which I destroyed Jeff in. After a while, we decided to brave the golf course and curse of the old man again. We played the third hole, and as we were walking back to the yard......the old man appeared as if from nowhere. According to him I am never to play golf again, and I just might not for fear of the old man in a yellow polo, with the dark blue wind jacket and a nasty combover.

Later in the night was Lindsay's party. Good party, even better food. Cudos to Brian for making such mouthwateringly tasty cheeseburgers that filled my stomach to about 9% beyond maximum capacity. The best part of the night however was the Dallas Mavericks. They tied the playoff series with the Phoenix Suns at 2 games a piece. The Mavs have a long road ahead of them to win 2 of the next 3 games, but it is definitely able to be done.

Ah alas, now I am back in my comfortable, yet a little dirty and smelly house. Tomorrow I go back to work, and that will suck. Waking up early sucks. Waiting in traffic sucks. Working in general sucks. Wow, my mood has gone from one of happiness to being a little down thinking about work. I must go now and sulk.


At 12:13 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...

The other Italian guy was Luigi! And it was a blast, thanks for letting me stay with you in Ft. Worth and then for driving to Lawton. I can never get enough Ryan in my life. We will have to incorporate the lake at another point in time, stupid Oklahoma with its random weather. It was sunny Saturday and Monday, but nooo not the lake day, Sunday.


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