Wednesday, June 29, 2005

4th of July Cheers

This is the 4th of July installment of Cheers and Jeers, but instead of worrying about jeers, we are going to focus on just the Cheers. At a time when America celebrates its independence, I would like to take a look at a few other things we tend to celebrate.
  • The end of the week - Every Friday is a great day to celebrate. After a long week of working, school, or whatever else you are into, a Friday night cannot come soon enough.
  • A good grade on a test - After spending countless hours studying away while all your friends are surely out having a good time, there is no other option than that of a good night out after recieving a good grade. Note: Quizzes also fall into this category, just because it is another reason to celebrate
  • A nice day - There are planty of ways to celebrate the occurance of a nice day. Go on a walk, play some outdoor sports, go to the lake. And for triple the pleasure: a nice day, at the end of the week, after you have done well on a test! Yep, that is almost like the holy trinity.
  • A hometown team winning a championship - I have never witnessed this outside of high school, since the Royals are perrinial losers, and the Chiefs and Mavericks always seem to choke come payoff time. Someday I will be around for this, and believe me there will be a big celebration.
  • Payday - It seems that pretty much everyone I have ever come into contact with celebrates payday by either going out to eat, shopping, a night on the town, or whatever else thay can spend money on.
These are just a few of the items I tend to celebrate, or notice other people celebrating. There is nothing better than a good celebration.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meet The Parents

Well kind of. Maybe it is more like Meet the Fockers. Anyhow, this weekend will be the weekend Heather's and my parents finally meet. I am not expecting any disasters like in the movies, and I think it will actually be an enjoyable 4th of July weekend. The one thing I do fully expect to happen is my mom, and Heather's mom to get along fabulously. The way we see it playing out is they will both get real giggly of wine, talk all day long like little high school girls, one will make the other one laugh and they will be laughing for hours, even after they have forgotten why they were laughing in the first place.
Also this weekend, I will be meeting my sisters first boyfriend Owen. I have heard nothing but great things about this kid, but still my older brotherly instincts tell me that I might have to have a chat with the Owenmeister. A nice one of course. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

weekly cheers and jeers

I have decided that with my schedule lately, it is just too hard to try and get this done directly on Tuesday, so this will now just be a weekly column.
  • Cheers to the U.S. Open winner Campbell - It is always nice to win what many golfers consider to be the best championship in golf.
  • Jeers to Phil blowing it again - but I am still glad Tiger didn't win.
  • Cheers to the Kansas City Royals - and their new manager. Even though this season is a lost cause, I like what I am seeing from them lately. Now if they can just get their players to stick around.
  • Jeers to the air conditioning system at 2623 Shoreridge Ave - It is 80 degrees INSIDE during the days.
  • Cheers to me working out on a more constant basis - I have pretty much every day the past few weeks, and have been eating healthy. I am about the get that 200 lbs monkey off my back, and finally be in the 100's again for my weight.
  • Jeers to Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, and Oprah Winfrey being on the Discovery Channels list of the 50 Greatest Americans - Seriously, you can't find 3 people better than these folks?
  • Cheers to me finding an apartment - I am just going to get a two room place so I can have an extra room for my desk, and maybe get some weights or something. It is a pretty nice place, and it will be cool to live on my own.....I think.
  • Jeers to the Norman job market - It just sucks, and anyone who has ever lived in Norman, can attest to that.
Well, that is all I have for now. The NBA Finals game 7 is tomorrow, and I really hope Detroit wins. I have never really been a fan of the Spurs. Tim Duncan is probably the most boring individual playing sports today, and possibly ever. I would seriously rather watch paint dry than watch him. Plus, how can you root against an afro like Ben Wallace's? Good luck to Detroit.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The U.S. Open

The U.S. Open started today. And for those of you who don't know, the U.S. Open is considered by many to be the most prestigous golf major championship. After the first round, Phil Mickelson is -1, and two shots behind the leader. I really hope he wins. I don't know, but I always find myself rooting for Phil. There are some other golfers I am a fan of, yet for the major championships, I have to root for Phil.
Yet more importantly than Phil winning, is Tiger Woods losing. I know Tiger won the first major of the year, and is always a betting favorite to win any tournament he is in, but I really can't stand him anymore. He sucks. He always wines, and bitches, and moans, and blames the fans for any bad shot he hits. Seriously, I wine and bitch and moan a lot of times when I play golf.....but I am not getting paid to play. If you have a bad round, just say, "I sucked a fat one today, period." There is no need to say that a fan breathing made you hit a terrible tee shot. Or that a fan drinking his coke made you blow a three foot put. Or that the sun reflecting off the tall oak tree made you choose the wrong club out of your bag. Just play the damn game, and act like you enjoy the millions of dollars you are making.
Go Phil.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

last night out in ft worth

last night out in ft worth
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I put some new pictures up from my last night out in Ft. Worth with Heather and my old roomies. There are some pretty good ones. Just click on the link to my photo blog.

Cheers and Jeers

Yes, it is Tuesday. And yes, I am doing Cheers and Jeers again. Sorry it has been a while since I have done this but things have been kind of hectic lately with moving and all. Before I move on to what you all really want to read, I will catch you up on everything. I now live in Norman, Ok as most of you know. Things are finally starting to get settled down. All my stuff is unpacked, and my bed is finally made. Now, I just have to find a job. I have been looking, but lets be honest, the job market in Norman is not exactly thriving. This past weekend I went to the lake. The weather was not the best, but tubing was a blast. Jeff and I seriously put each other through some pain on the tube since we both took each other about 40+ mph. It was crazy. I am still looking for a place to live for the school year, but there are some pretty nice one room places that I am giving serious thought too.

Anyway, here is what you all have been waiting for:
  • Cheers to me finally getting moved - I have done the math, and after I get settled into my own apartment by the end of the summer, I will have moved a total of 8 times since the beginning of my senior year in high school. That is entirely too much.
  • Jeers to Michael Jackson being found innocent - I realize I will probably go straight to hell for thinking he is guilty but oh well. I do think he is a great musical artist, but he is just a sick person.
  • Cheers to my last weekend in Ft. Worth - at least living there. It was really enjoyable, and was a lot of fun going out with Michael and Jeff one last time. I am sure though that there will still be plenty of good stories to come from there in the future.
  • Jeers to job hunting - it just sucks.
  • Cheers to XM Radio - it is pretty cool the whole "no commercial" thing, and it is pretty reasonably priced. The only thing I don't like is the country stations. I never thought I would be complaining about a lack of country music selection, but hey, I did live in Texas for 3 years.
  • Jeers to OU vs. TCU for the first football game of the year - I just don't know who to root for. Of course I will probably root for TCU because I am not that big of an OU football fan. BUT, if I do root for TCU I will probably have to hide out in my room and do it quietly for fear of getting hanged in the town square.
  • Cheers to summer - it is always a good time of year, no complaints from me.
  • Jeers to money - it is definitely cool when you have it, but when you don't it sucks. Currently I don't have any, therefore it sucks.

Well that is it for now folks. Nothing else to see here. Please return quietly and in an orderly manner to your homes.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So Now I Live In Oklahoma

Well, I have done it. I have officially moved to Oklahoma. Everything is unpacked, and I have settled into the friendly confines of 2623 Shoreridge Ave. The move was more smooth than expected, largely in part due to my grandparents. Lucky for me they decided to come down and help with the move, and even rented me a Uhaul truck to get everything in one trip.

The coming months will be very interesting since for the summer I am living with my girlfriend. I do not forsee any problems to come of this, but for right now it still seems like I am on one of my weekend visits. However, since I am living with Heather and her sister, I promptly put up a sign on my door, "Boys only! No girls allowed!" I mean afterall, I do still need to have some kind of manly domain.

The one thing that keeps crossing my mind is what it will be like to go back to Fort Worth. I think it will be different than when I visit Missouri, but who knows. Going and visiting my old house, seeing my friends, etc. No matter how the whole moving situation goes, everytime you move it is a little akward going back to something. Speaking of Fort Worth, I will have some good pictures up here by tomorrow showing my last night out with everyone there. Some good pictures turned up.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Last Weekend In Fort Worth

It is somewhat bittersweet that this will be my last weekend living in fort Worth before moving up to Oklahoma. Fiday night was a very enjoyable night out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. I have written about that bar before, but I will say again that I highly reccomend the place. The only downside is the price. It is a little expensive, but if you can get an extra paycheck it is deffinitely worth the price.

Looking back on my three years living in Texas there are so many great memories. I guess the song put it best - "Here's to the nights I can't remember, and the friends I will never forget." Here is a rather short listing of some of my fondest memories while attending TCU:
  • The rush parties freshamn year - Now I am glad I didn't rush because I am finding fraternities to be rather homosexual, but I am glad that I went to the parties. They led to a lot of extrememly intoxicated nights walking around the TCU campus.
  • My Super Bowl party in the dorm - By noon we had went through 2 cases of beer between 3 guys and 2 girls. Needless to say I don't even remember who played in that Super Bowl. To top the night off though, I was the one who got caught with all the alcohol in the room. My hall supervisor actually believed that I was the one who drank over 100 beers. I took one for the team that day with my alcohol write-up, and I never got the thanks I deserved.
  • Dorm violations - This covers a broad spectrum of events. 3 alcohol violations that led to me having to attend AA classes. 1 anger management violation. 2 girls in after hours violations. Numerous noise violations. One police seargent calling my room for asking for me (that was just funny). Hmmm. At one point the dorm director said I was one of the worst freshman he had come in counter with. Awesome.
  • Learning to C-Walk - I am not sure I have it down yet, but I am damn close.
  • Pretty much every party we had in apartment 1007 - There would always be a good story to come out of those parties. From all the drinking games, to the electric cart we stole from the grocery store, to the blowup doll whore who gave us all lapdances. Fun times. Hell to clean up the next day, but fun times.
  • Going to jail - Normally most people would not call this a fond memory, but I consider it more of a learning experience. Going to the downtown jail, the having to get "transfered" to the state pen. I am in jail for not paying a ticket for running a red light, and I am surrounded by wife beaters, drug dealers, a rapist, and a murder. It was an interesting 13 hours. I gave a huge black guy my chicken and cornbread in exchange for his milk. If anything would have went down, he would have had my back.
  • Ford golfing - there is a clearing by a Ford dealership. We had a lot of extra balls. Points for lading in a truck bed, breaking a window, denting a car, etc. I need not say more.
  • The Hawain hula party and pig roast with the swim team - for the record, I look real good in a grass skirt and coconut shells.
  • The Pub - I could have an entire post dedicated to the Pub. I honestly think I have spent about the same amount of money there as I have on my tuition. So many memories. Playing pool in the back. The required Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson coming out of the jukebox. My personal record of money spent at a bar in one night of $300, and much much more. But most of all Dave. The owner of that fine establishment called the Pub. Always there for you. Actually knew your name and favorite drink.
  • Poker nights at the house - Some money won, some money lost. Most of the time a good night, and regular dumbass comments coming out of Adam's mouth.
  • Bar hopping with my mom - 'nuff said.
  • Taking my freshman in highschool sister to a halloween party - again, 'nuff said.
  • Jaclyn's naughty or nice XXXmas parties - Always a good time, but I think I pretty much took the costume cake this year with my christmans thong. You all can have sweet dreams at night now with that image in your mind.
There really are so many more events that I could write about, but I will just leave it at the short list above. Luckily when I move I will only be a few hours away, so weekend trips won't be hard to do.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Job Hunting Is One Of My Least Favorite Things

One of the more crappy things about moving to Oklahoma will be my need to look for a new job. I have been thinking about what I want to do when I get up there, and I am stuck. I have a few options on what I can do, but unfortunately it mostly boils down to what will pay the bills...not necessarily what I want to do.

Obviously I can venture back out into the corporate world. After working with GMAC for 2 years, and Darling International for about a half year, I am gaining the experience needed to land the corporate jobs. The one good thing about this is that I will probably be in this type of job setting after I graduate, so it is good practice. Yet, I kind of don't want to do the whole desk job, mingling with big wig shmuks thing just yet.
  • Pros - good pay, great resume material, better for my future
  • Cons - 8-5 job, more strict on time off, have to dress nice everyday

As noted in my previous entry about opening a bar, I have always wanted to be a bartender. It just seems like a fun job. I have a few buddies that are in the alcohol serving filed and really seem to like it. The hours would be more my style since I don't mind staying up nights, and if you get in at the right place the tips can be great. I could deal with being a waiter to begin with, but I would not like to do that long term.
  • Pros - fun atmosphere, possible good tips, working with people more my age
  • Cons - takes away from the nightlife, bad tips = no money, dealing with stupid drunks
So, I am stuck. It kind of just comes down to a steady paycheck from an office job vs. taking a chance on tips being a bartender. Hmm. Actually with my luck lately, neither of these jobs will probably be available. I suppose I could put my previous duties as a Cheppendale dancer to use. Any ladies interested? :)


I must first say thank you to my keenly observant roommate Michael for bringing this to my attention. Once he did, we had a good laugh about it for a few minutes over a handful of commercials. The commercials I am speaking of are the advertisements for Viagra, Levitra, etc. The so called "sex in a bottle" pills.

What we noticed that was fairly humorous to us was the fact that these commercials have gone from just mentioning the name of the drug, to a little whisper of what they are, to practically shouting, "if you want a huge hard on for the night, take Viagra!!!"

Think about it next time you watch those commercials. It's funny stuff.