Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Job Hunting Is One Of My Least Favorite Things

One of the more crappy things about moving to Oklahoma will be my need to look for a new job. I have been thinking about what I want to do when I get up there, and I am stuck. I have a few options on what I can do, but unfortunately it mostly boils down to what will pay the bills...not necessarily what I want to do.

Obviously I can venture back out into the corporate world. After working with GMAC for 2 years, and Darling International for about a half year, I am gaining the experience needed to land the corporate jobs. The one good thing about this is that I will probably be in this type of job setting after I graduate, so it is good practice. Yet, I kind of don't want to do the whole desk job, mingling with big wig shmuks thing just yet.
  • Pros - good pay, great resume material, better for my future
  • Cons - 8-5 job, more strict on time off, have to dress nice everyday

As noted in my previous entry about opening a bar, I have always wanted to be a bartender. It just seems like a fun job. I have a few buddies that are in the alcohol serving filed and really seem to like it. The hours would be more my style since I don't mind staying up nights, and if you get in at the right place the tips can be great. I could deal with being a waiter to begin with, but I would not like to do that long term.
  • Pros - fun atmosphere, possible good tips, working with people more my age
  • Cons - takes away from the nightlife, bad tips = no money, dealing with stupid drunks
So, I am stuck. It kind of just comes down to a steady paycheck from an office job vs. taking a chance on tips being a bartender. Hmm. Actually with my luck lately, neither of these jobs will probably be available. I suppose I could put my previous duties as a Cheppendale dancer to use. Any ladies interested? :)


At 6:37 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Now I'm stuck with a problem.


If you become a bartender, I will never get to go out with you.

I would be putting you in an awkward position of me drinking with a fake ID.

pros: I would have incredibly strong drinks when I went out.

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I'M stuck with a problem!

If you become a male dancer then I have to share your talent with the rest of the females around Norman.

If you become a male dancer then I would get to see your talent twice as much! yea!

P.S. I especially loooove when you do your dance to "I'm Just A Girl" and "Shake It Like A Salt Shaker." Those are my fav.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could always try law enforcement. Pay sucks but you get to boss people around.
Pros: big gun, driving fast without getting tickets lots of cop groupies.
Cons: Pay sucks, hours suck, days off suck, no respect.
Guess Who?


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