Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So Now I Live In Oklahoma

Well, I have done it. I have officially moved to Oklahoma. Everything is unpacked, and I have settled into the friendly confines of 2623 Shoreridge Ave. The move was more smooth than expected, largely in part due to my grandparents. Lucky for me they decided to come down and help with the move, and even rented me a Uhaul truck to get everything in one trip.

The coming months will be very interesting since for the summer I am living with my girlfriend. I do not forsee any problems to come of this, but for right now it still seems like I am on one of my weekend visits. However, since I am living with Heather and her sister, I promptly put up a sign on my door, "Boys only! No girls allowed!" I mean afterall, I do still need to have some kind of manly domain.

The one thing that keeps crossing my mind is what it will be like to go back to Fort Worth. I think it will be different than when I visit Missouri, but who knows. Going and visiting my old house, seeing my friends, etc. No matter how the whole moving situation goes, everytime you move it is a little akward going back to something. Speaking of Fort Worth, I will have some good pictures up here by tomorrow showing my last night out with everyone there. Some good pictures turned up.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

I have a lot of testosterone and drink a lot of beer, can I go in your room? Make one that just says "No Heathers Allowed." And I'm glad you live with us for the summer! Now you can tell your friends you live with 2 hot girls.


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