Wednesday, June 22, 2005

weekly cheers and jeers

I have decided that with my schedule lately, it is just too hard to try and get this done directly on Tuesday, so this will now just be a weekly column.
  • Cheers to the U.S. Open winner Campbell - It is always nice to win what many golfers consider to be the best championship in golf.
  • Jeers to Phil blowing it again - but I am still glad Tiger didn't win.
  • Cheers to the Kansas City Royals - and their new manager. Even though this season is a lost cause, I like what I am seeing from them lately. Now if they can just get their players to stick around.
  • Jeers to the air conditioning system at 2623 Shoreridge Ave - It is 80 degrees INSIDE during the days.
  • Cheers to me working out on a more constant basis - I have pretty much every day the past few weeks, and have been eating healthy. I am about the get that 200 lbs monkey off my back, and finally be in the 100's again for my weight.
  • Jeers to Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, and Oprah Winfrey being on the Discovery Channels list of the 50 Greatest Americans - Seriously, you can't find 3 people better than these folks?
  • Cheers to me finding an apartment - I am just going to get a two room place so I can have an extra room for my desk, and maybe get some weights or something. It is a pretty nice place, and it will be cool to live on my own.....I think.
  • Jeers to the Norman job market - It just sucks, and anyone who has ever lived in Norman, can attest to that.
Well, that is all I have for now. The NBA Finals game 7 is tomorrow, and I really hope Detroit wins. I have never really been a fan of the Spurs. Tim Duncan is probably the most boring individual playing sports today, and possibly ever. I would seriously rather watch paint dry than watch him. Plus, how can you root against an afro like Ben Wallace's? Good luck to Detroit.


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