Sunday, July 31, 2005

Finally a Job???

I have an interview with UPS tomorrow for a truck loading position. The pay is not the best, but they offer great benefits, and will be able to work around my school schedule. Wish me luck.

In other news, my poker game is still going well. I have found that I can somewhat support myself by playing good poker. It is very interesting this sport/activity/gamble/event that they call poker.

More to come tomorrow after my interview.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Missouri - I, or Missour - AH???

I am back home now from a wonderful weekend trip home. It was a short trip due to my monetary situation, yet we made the most of it and I had a wonderful time. Here is a short recap:
  • Thursday night we went oout to eat with my family, then went over to Nick's house. I must say that the duplex they are living in is a nice place, and a good deal for the price they are paying. We just sat in the garage and drank a lot, but it was nice.....very humid, but nice. By far the highlight of the evening was Nick's crazy drunk old neighbor, who was there playing with his night vision goggles that he bought, saying he remembers the days of when he was in the Marines. It was great to see Nick again, and now that I don't live wuite so far away, I think it will be easy to pester his ass into coming to see me.
  • Friday was a pretty easy-laid back day. We waited until evening when it cooled off, then went down to the plaza. First we went to O'Dowds but it was too damn smokey, so we headed off to McKormick and Schmicks. It was a nice time just sitting at the bar talking with Heather for quite some time. I must say the only thing I didn't like was the $4 Bud Lights. That is just no damn good. I do think though that after talking to our bartenders, we figured out that men can tell if women are bitches by how they order drinks. Ladies, keep that in mind. More on that sibject at a later date. We ended up the evening with Stu at Granfaloon. It was Heather's first time to meet Stu, and the first time I had seen him in a long while. Good evening.
  • Saturday was just one big busy mess. I went and saw one set of grandparents and got some information about going camping at this place called Johnson's Shut In's in Missouri (I will get some pictures up for that later). We plan on going sometime probably next summer. Then I headed off to my other grandparents house for dinner, which I say I think I am still full from. Menu: Friend chicken, Mashed potatoes and gravy, cucumber salad, rolls, jello salad, homemade brownies and ice cream. MMMMMMM. Then from there is was off to my sister Haley's 8th birthday party. I will write about that when I get the pictures up. We ended up the night with Dustin and Cindy at Clancy's in Blue Springs. I am really happy that didn't turn into a high school reunion like I had thought it might.
  • Sunday we ate lucnh with Jessica, and headed home.
There you have it. A great weekend, with mahy laughs, packed into a few short paragraphs. I always enjoy going home to see my friends and family, yet at the same time I am always glad to leave. I guess to clarify that statement, I am just glad I got out of Missouri for college so I could experience something else rather than the same routine and seeing the same faces everyday.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Little Poker Fun

So lately I have been able to play a lot of poker. It, as always, has been fun. And at the same time pretty darn profiatble. From my original buy in of $58, I now have about $550 to my name. If it weren't for the extreme ups and downs that are inevitable in poker, I would seriously consider just playing for a living. The only thing that is really holding me back from that is that if I don't make any money on poker I won't make any money at all. To that end, I have no problem playing a little cards on the side for some supplemental income. I hope I can keep a little winning streak alive.

On a side note, Thursday I am going home to good ol' Missouri. I expect good times. More on that trip to come.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A Weekend Cut Short

This past weekend Heather and I went back down to good ole Texas. We went to see Howie Day in concert. I must admit I am not the biggest Howie Day fan, but I had a great time. He put on a great show, in a semi-small environment, and we were only a few rows back. The opening act was great as well - Michael Tolcher. His whole act was just him and his guitar, and i must say i was very impressed. For being an opening act I was very impressed how much he got the crowd into his music.

The weekend was cut short though due to the money spent on the first night. Since Michael didnt help us out on the tab at his establishment like promised, and the drinks were flowing very freely at the bar.....I found myself in a financial bind by the end of the evening. Needless to say, the weekend was shortened, but it was still a great time and worth the money that was spent.

93 Degrees Outside....

EIGHTY FREAKIN SEVEN degrees INSIDE!!!! Yeah crappy.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Ear Hurts

It seems that over 4th of July weekend I re-broke my right ear drum. My right ear has had a very hard time in this life. This is his third time being broke. First it popped when I was a young lad shooting guns without the propper ear protection. The second time was in middle school at Dirk Otis' birthday party at Centennial Pool. I dove/fell off the high dive and landed on the side of my head. The most recent time was due to Heather's dad, and his extremely erratic boat driving habits. I was visciously thrown off the tube behind the boat and landed on the side of my head going at a speed almost not known my mortal man.

Now, over a week later, my ear hurts. I want it to feel better. I want it to quit ringing. I want my mommy.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to Normalcy

So, the family is gone and everything is settling back down to normal. The 4th of July weekend went well, and I hope to have some good pictures up soon from the lake and the BBQ.

As expected, my mom and Terri hit it of fabulously and had no problem just chit chatting about some things, and nothing of importance. Owen seemed like a good kid to be dating my sister, and I guess for the time being I will allow this little relationship of theirs to continue. I could tell that with Heather's family living on a golf course, Bob wanted to get out there and play. But since he couldn't I gave him a lot of very nice semi-used golf balls that are always being retrieved from their backyard.

In other news, I am moving into my new apartment on August 13. That would be Friday the 13th, hence I am expecting at least one thing to go wrong. It is a pretty nice place. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, about a 1000 sq ft. It will be plenty for just me living there.

Tomorrow Heather and I are going back to Texas for the weekend. There is a concert in Dallas that she wanted to go to, so I got us some tickets. It should be a fun but short, and hopefully inexpensive weekend. It will be nice to see the old roomates and such again, since I don't know if I will be able to get back down there before school starts.

Well that is all for now. There are chores to be done that I must now attend to.

Oh, and P.S. for now I renig all the nasty comments I previously stated about Party Poker....with an empahsis on for now.