Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to Normalcy

So, the family is gone and everything is settling back down to normal. The 4th of July weekend went well, and I hope to have some good pictures up soon from the lake and the BBQ.

As expected, my mom and Terri hit it of fabulously and had no problem just chit chatting about some things, and nothing of importance. Owen seemed like a good kid to be dating my sister, and I guess for the time being I will allow this little relationship of theirs to continue. I could tell that with Heather's family living on a golf course, Bob wanted to get out there and play. But since he couldn't I gave him a lot of very nice semi-used golf balls that are always being retrieved from their backyard.

In other news, I am moving into my new apartment on August 13. That would be Friday the 13th, hence I am expecting at least one thing to go wrong. It is a pretty nice place. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, about a 1000 sq ft. It will be plenty for just me living there.

Tomorrow Heather and I are going back to Texas for the weekend. There is a concert in Dallas that she wanted to go to, so I got us some tickets. It should be a fun but short, and hopefully inexpensive weekend. It will be nice to see the old roomates and such again, since I don't know if I will be able to get back down there before school starts.

Well that is all for now. There are chores to be done that I must now attend to.

Oh, and P.S. for now I renig all the nasty comments I previously stated about Party Poker....with an empahsis on for now.


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