Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Ear Hurts

It seems that over 4th of July weekend I re-broke my right ear drum. My right ear has had a very hard time in this life. This is his third time being broke. First it popped when I was a young lad shooting guns without the propper ear protection. The second time was in middle school at Dirk Otis' birthday party at Centennial Pool. I dove/fell off the high dive and landed on the side of my head. The most recent time was due to Heather's dad, and his extremely erratic boat driving habits. I was visciously thrown off the tube behind the boat and landed on the side of my head going at a speed almost not known my mortal man.

Now, over a week later, my ear hurts. I want it to feel better. I want it to quit ringing. I want my mommy.


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

I understand. I know Grandad can relate. He busted his when I was a kid waterskiing.


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