Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finally Some Good From Oklahoma

Not that living in Oklahoma has been all bad, but it has been a rough go at some times. Today, however, two of my biggest troubles were solved today taking a huge load off my back.

First, I finally found a job. Not the best job on earth, yet a paycheck nonetheless. I will be a valet driver at Norman Regional Hospital. Work is from Monday thru Friday from noon to 5:30. Not bad, no nights or weekends. I figure that with this little income, and the income I get from poker, I should be doing pretty well.

Second, I got 3 more of my business credits to transfer from TCU. This was kind of a big deal because if they would not have transfered I would have had to retake 3 classes, not only putting me behind schedule, but also costing me more money for having to retake the classes.

Hopefully this will be the start of great things to come. See ya later alligator - and always remember to eat your vegetables.

Fraternities and Sororites - I Just Don't Get It

Don't get me wrong, I have many friends that are in fraternities and sororities, my girlfriend was in a sorority, and I myself was, at one point, going to join a fraternity. But the more I see them running around campus in a flock like they lost their mother goose; the more I see them all wearing exactly the same damn thing as if they all went shopping the night before together; the more I hear their fake laughs that are either there for attention, or to pretend like they are actually interested in something you have to say; and the more I have to endure their stories every Monday and Tuesday about how fucked up they got over the weekend, then slept with some dumb freshman slut who gave them an STD, the more I want to quit going to class.

Honestly, does the whole damn campus need to revolve around you Mr. "front-tuck, collar-up, gator-shirt wearing" frat man? Or you, Ms. "I have to dye my hair blonde, and throw up after every meal" sorority chick, should I bow at the very presence of you?

At first I kind of thought maybe it was only a TCU thing. I mean, every girl there drives a BMW and is snobby to the 10th degree, every guy drives a Tahoe and suckles at the daddy power tit for money, and MOST every one in a Greek is no good. I really don't know what finally kind of "pushed" me over the top in my thinking of these Greek groups, but I think I can point to at least one thing that contributed. Today in class about 10 minutes after it started, the door in the back of the room opens. In walks about 10 identical twins. And by that I mean all girls, all blonde shoulder length hair, all the same size, all wearing a t-shirt that had their sorority name on it, all wearing jean skirts, all wearing flip flops, all looking like they have been in the tanning bed for about 12 days too long, and all just standing in the back of the room with a completely dumbfounded look on their face as to why the whole class didn't stand up and part like the red sea for them so they could sit together in the middle of the class. I mean honestly, if one petal falls from the flower, does the whole thing die? It's as if they are one collective brain, and without each other will inevitably fail....or at least be unpopular and God forbid unknown, with the people they happen to be sitting around for 50 minutes. This does not only apply to sorority "sisters", it also very much so applies to the "brothers" in fraternities. I have seen that scenario acted out many times with them.

I guess I just don't get how these Greeks act because I am not in a fraternity. And, as I said before, I do have plenty of friends who are members of these organizations. I personally think most of the members are ok people by themselves, but inevitably someone they know has to show up. Then, everything goes to hell. Have you ever been around someone in a fraternity or sorority when one of the "others" show up? Let me preface this by saying, if someone I know whows up when I am with a friend I do stop and say hello. Maybe even ask what their plans are for the rest of the night. BUT, I don't abondan the person I am with. As a matter of fact, I will try to include them in the conversation, and introduce them if they don't already know each other. On the other hand when a friend of a frat. or sor. person shows up holy shit, you are lucky to see that person again within the next half hour or more. It's like they have to recap every thing they have done for the past week up to that point, THEN talk about what they are going to do for the next week.

I guess maybe I am being a little hard, but damn. I don't really give a crap what club or organization you join. Have a blast with it, but don't impose it on everyone else. And for God's sake, get a little individuality.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Great Weekend - Now Back to School

Turn $100 into $500? Fantastic!!! I had a great weekend this weekend playing poker. A $400 profit in 3 days is great...especially since I don't currently have a job. If I could, I would play poker all day long. Now, on to more important things. What could be more exciting than winning money playing poker you ask? Going back to school of course!

This semester should be interesting. How is how my schedule stacks up:
- Business Communications
- E-Bus
- Human Relations
- Psychology
- Calc II
- Sociology
- And for some reason I have to take a "learning how to use a computer" class
19 is going to suck, yes. But I can do it. I have faith in myself. Haha. Actually two of those classes I have already taken. I have those classes along with two others on appeal to get the credits transfered from TCU.

To keep this short since I have mucho stuff to do, good luck to those of you still attending school....screw you to those of you who aren't.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

So, Its Been A While

I would like to lead off by saying my blogging skills have been lacking as of late, for that I apologize. This past week has been very hectic. On top of getting all of my stuff ready to move, still trying to find a dang job, and continuing to deal with the OU business school people, I was living in a house with three other women and three dogs (one of which was an untrained hell-puppy).

Monday I made a round trip from Lawton, to Ft. Worth, to Norman, to Lawton, then finally back to Norman again. I had to pick up a few of my remaining belongings from Texas so I borrowed Heather's parents van. Great van. Terrible day with a lot of driving. On Tuesday I finished getting all of my stuff packed up and ready to move at Heather's house. Yesterday I finally got to move into my new apartment. It was a very long day, and I have decided that I am either going to live in this apartment until the day I die, or hire movers from now on. Moving 8 times since my senior year has been less than a blast.

I must say that I am very excited to finally live on my own. Not that I haven't enjoyed living with the roomates that I have over the past few years, but I think this will be good for me. I will try to get some pictures up here within the next few days to show everyone my new palace.
I am honestly not to sure what I think yet about living in Oklahoma. Obviously it isn't terrible or I wouldn't be here, but it just seems there is something missing. I think the word I am looking for is testerone. I must admit I miss going out with "the guys", or any guy for that matter. I do enjoy hanging out with Heater's brother, but since he is getting married in a little over a month he is about to lose part of his manhood. Hopefully I will run into some decent fellows at OU this upcoming semester, I do look forward to it.