Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finally Some Good From Oklahoma

Not that living in Oklahoma has been all bad, but it has been a rough go at some times. Today, however, two of my biggest troubles were solved today taking a huge load off my back.

First, I finally found a job. Not the best job on earth, yet a paycheck nonetheless. I will be a valet driver at Norman Regional Hospital. Work is from Monday thru Friday from noon to 5:30. Not bad, no nights or weekends. I figure that with this little income, and the income I get from poker, I should be doing pretty well.

Second, I got 3 more of my business credits to transfer from TCU. This was kind of a big deal because if they would not have transfered I would have had to retake 3 classes, not only putting me behind schedule, but also costing me more money for having to retake the classes.

Hopefully this will be the start of great things to come. See ya later alligator - and always remember to eat your vegetables.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

who got the keys to the jeep...VROOOM. -missy elliot.

P.S. - Just read your fraternity/sorority thing.... Heather and I are in the same one and always in the same room, does this mean we are constantly on your hate list? And..I don't dye my hair and I definitely don't throw up after meals which you can tell by the size of my ass.


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