Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Great Weekend - Now Back to School

Turn $100 into $500? Fantastic!!! I had a great weekend this weekend playing poker. A $400 profit in 3 days is great...especially since I don't currently have a job. If I could, I would play poker all day long. Now, on to more important things. What could be more exciting than winning money playing poker you ask? Going back to school of course!

This semester should be interesting. How is how my schedule stacks up:
- Business Communications
- E-Bus
- Human Relations
- Psychology
- Calc II
- Sociology
- And for some reason I have to take a "learning how to use a computer" class
19 is going to suck, yes. But I can do it. I have faith in myself. Haha. Actually two of those classes I have already taken. I have those classes along with two others on appeal to get the credits transfered from TCU.

To keep this short since I have mucho stuff to do, good luck to those of you still attending school....screw you to those of you who aren't.


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