Sunday, November 27, 2005

Econo Lodge - Carthage, Missouri

Wow. Not sure where to start on this one. I am typing this blog in room 108 of the Econo Lodge in Carthage, Mo. But before I explain why I am where I am, I should start with how I got here.

Heather and I decided to head home to Missouri for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday night around 9:30. Things were going great on the drive home. (I always like to drive home at night b/c there is a lot less traffic.) To the best of my recolection around 2:30 a.m. a series of events unfolded something like this: I changed that station on my XM Radio to the 90's hits channel to find the opening beats of 2 Legit 2 Quit, this was soon followed by the mandatory hand movements that go along with the song, soon thereafter I was starting to tell Heather how this girl from high school was going to be having a hip replacement surgery (wierd for a 22 yr old), then.....FUCK!!!...a huge deer decided to walk (not run, gallop, jog, trot, or skip) right in front of my vehicle moving at approx. 80 mph. Being the fantastic driver that I am, I was able to slow down enough and swerve a little as to avoid hitting the deer head on. Instead I hit him in his hip (yeah wierd since we were just talking about hip replacements). This little collision was followed by a few screaming expletives, a very confused dog, and a fiance who suprisingly held it all together and calmed me down in the process. After waiting until 4 a.m. for the Triple A guy to show up to fix my clicking engine, we finally got home around 5 a.m. Yeah, way to kick off a holiday weekend.

The time home was a lot of fun. Seeing friends and family is never a bad thing - although too much of it can be. Luckily I wasn't to that point. Fun times, a lot of laughs, and recalling memories of yore.

Today was the day we would return to Oklahoma and get back in the routine of everyday fun with work and school, but wait! That would be too easy. Heather's mom called and was worried about some storms that were spread out between Tulsa and K.C., so we looked up the weather report online. It looked as though the bad weather would be more along I-35, so we headed back home a different way. Again, things were rolling along smoothly when out of nowhere the sky went black, strong rains and hail started, the weather sirens began to ring, and a tornado watch was in effect b/c one was spotted in the area. This brings me to the here and now. We decided to pull over and get a room at the Econo Lodge to sit out the storm for the night (plus after hitting the deer, I am missing a headlight so driving in the rain at night is not a great idea). Being the fantastic student I am, I started to do my homework in the hotel when the electricity decided it would be a good time to go out. From the information I got from the lady at the front desk, the 40 mph winds knocked over a transformer or something like that. So here we are at 11 p.m. in a room that has electricity due to a generator the hotel turned on.

I am a little apprehensive about talking about tomorrow and Part II of the drive home. I think it is supposed to be a little rainy, but hopefully it wont be anything I, or my slightly damaged yet suprisingly tough Blazer can't handle.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic break, time to do homework. Ciao!


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous zach said...

Thats crazy. I just cleaned the house over thanksgiving, and my dog just slept the whole time he didnt really help. The excitement you had sounds more appeasing. ( I think i said that right appeasing to appease me would be good right). Its nice to get your adrenaline pumping every once in a while. Im glad to hear you guys made it home safe.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I still had a great time despite all of the unplanned events. I even had a great time in the Econo Lodge! I think it's a really good sign that we never fought or anything even when all the crazy stuff was happening. There was actually a lot of laughing. Good thing we're getting married. :)


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