Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Screw Your Freedoms - Your Lucky to be Alive

As I am watching the O'Rielly factor, I am seriously steaming about some idiot who was just on there. He is a two time convicted sex offender in Iowa. The first time (I belive what he said was a neighbor girl) he only got five years probation for his crime. The second offense (his 7 year old nephew) only landed him five years in prison. That little sentence, I think, is something for a completely other discussion, and is nto what I am pissed about right now.

The whole reason for this dude coming on the show was to say how his rights are being violated as a two-time convicted sex offender. He has the audacity to bitch about where he can and can't live. How he has to register everytime he moves. This, that, and the other. All of his inconviences, rightfully so, are based on legislature such as Megan's Law to protect, mainly, younger children. Personally I think this guy is lucky to be alive. If my kid ever gets molested, that person dies. End of story. He was lucky enough to dodge the wrath of two fathers. Beyond being alive, I think he should feel very thankful that after two convictions he only had to serve 5 years! Are you kidding me? Call me crazy, extremist, whatever you want, but in my opinion he should be locked up for life. If this was a different century - his dick would be cut off.

Beyond saying that his rights were violated - which already had me on the verge of screaming at the TV - he also had the balls to say the only reason he committed the second offense is because he didn't get the proper treatment after the first time. He said something to the effect of, "In jail you can get the treatment you need, when you are not in jail for this, you can't." Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, I do think he should have went to jail after the first time, and not just gotten a slap on the wrist, but who pays for your fucking treatment in jail, pal? ME (and every other taxpayer)! Well, I guess in actuality since this was in Iowa, I might not have footed the bill; but I am sure there are people in Oklahoma, Texas, or Missouri who are in the same position, that I did pay for at one point in time while living in those states.

And for him to say he can't get treatment unless he is in jail? NO, it's more like he doesn't want to get treatment on his own so he can conviently use that as an excuse for his second offense. What excuse is he going to use for his third? Watching this guy on TV made me realize he is very complacent and somewhat unapologetinc about his actions. He is more concerned about his own well-being. He shouldn't have a well being. The only thing America should care about is the kids' lives he forever damaged, and how they can be helped to grow up as naturally as possibly.

This guy pretty much just got me steaming for the rest of the night. Damn him.


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous zach said...

We should kill them all! I feel same way if that was my kid he would not be alive right now. Hell if I even new that kid that guy probaly wouldnt be alive, All those sick fucks should be castrated or killed. Grrr you got me riled up too.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

In Tania's words right here in my room --- "I wish we could just line them up and shoot 'em."


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