Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Been Far To Long....

...and I am so sorry to keep you waiting. Things have been pretty crazy as of late. Xmas break has been kind of crappy with taking my school intersession and work and all. Christmas was fun with the family in town, but the break as a whole has blown.

I am going to switch gears here a little bit, and really just want to tell everyone out there how much i want to blow up the Price College of Business here at OU. This place has got to be run by a crew of kids from the short bus. I really don't understand the complete incompetance that runs rampant at this supposed place of higher education. I am supposed to be admitted to the business school right now, but due to their fuck up, i am having to wait a few extra days. You might be saying to yourself that a few days might not be that bad, but considering the classes I need to get into I can't yet, and school starts on Tuesday, and these classes are getting full, and I still have to get my books, and this sentence is running on for a very long time.

Here is a little history of my situation: I took an MIS class (computer and database stuff mom, since I know you have no idea :) ) at TCU, and thought it was going to transfer. Well my academic advisor said it would transfer as long as I passed a computer profeciency exam. I passed the exam easily, so I thought getting into the business school would be easy, right? WRONG - dead fucking wrong!

Here is what really gets me. To accept or deny me into the business school, they have to look over my file. The piece of paper (which I have a carbon copy of) that says I can get in if I take the computer test, etc, etc. is in my folder. For them to deny me entrance, they would have to look at my folder. Did they just deny me by flipping a coin? Maybe a paper-rock-scissors thing? Or better yet, I bet they threw darts at a yes or no board. So I call up there today, and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, my name is Ryan Starks, ID 112211690, and I am calling to see why I was not accepted into the business school.

Dumb Business School Admissions Lady: Well, it looks like you didn't take the MIS class you were supposed to.

Me: I took it at TCU, when I passed that dumb computer test, which you gave me the answers to so I dont really see what it tested, I was supposed to get in.

Dumb Business School Admissions Lady: Well let me look at your file.

Me: Good idea

Dumb Business School Admissions Lady: Oh, I see where we messed up. We just didnt look at that paper.

Me: So what exactly did you review when you denied me?

Dumb Business School Admissions Lady: I am not really sure. All I know is that when they examine who gets in and who gets out, sometimes they just choose based on the third letter of you middle name. Unfortunately, yours wasn't Q.

Me: Oh, I completely understand. I will just try again next year, and hope they go for the fifth letter of my last name K.

Dumb Business School Admissions Lady: Ok, better luck next time!



At 7:35 PM, Anonymous zach said...

THat sucks! Hope you can still get in.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...

tell them your middle name is diq.


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