Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back to School....

...Back to school, to show my dad I'm not a fool. Spring break was nice. I made a little money playing poker, got to see some friends and the fam, and let my house get dirty beyond belief. I am trying to get my laundry all caught up, but I think I seriously have like 5+ more loads to go.

I have been playing a lot of online poker lately, but at the $.10 tables. It is a lot of fun, a $10 buy in will last a long time. And, when a bad beat comes around, you dont get so mad because you only lost $.70, or something rather small like that.

I have been applying for internships like crazy the past few weeks. I had a real good interview with Jordan Associates (an advertising agency in OKC), and should find out in a few days if I get it.

Oh, and congratulations to Donald Trump for having another kid. Ha! I guess money can buy happiness because there is no way he could ever land a chick like Melania without it. Ugh, old balls.

Thats really it. Not much more going on. Bye.

Stupid Tourny

Anyone else's NCAA bracket completely screwed after the first few rounds? I mean, I know there are going to be a fwe upsets, but seriously, that was a little rediculous. Although I guess I am kind of glad that I am pretty much out of contention because now I can root for the underdogs. If the final is between Wichita St. and Bradley my life will be complete.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yes, I Can Read

I have been reading "Often Wrong, Never in Doubt" by Donny Deutch the past few days for my advertising class. I think it is a tremendous book, very insightful and funny at the same time, and would reccomend it to anyone. However, my reccomendations is not what this is about.

Maybe trying to cram reading a 250 page book into two days has made me delirious, but when I read this one excerpt I started laughing out-loud (much to the dismay of the quiet studiers around me - but fuck them).

When talking about the disclaimer on boner pills saying that if you have an erection for more than 4 hours you should see a physician - "I thought instead of 'Go find your Dr.', they should have said, 'Go find the nearest women's prison.'"

Tell me that didn't make you laugh.

Rent FREE!!

Seriously, I don't know why I didnt think of this earlier. Plush leather couches and chairs. Free internet. 5-6 restaurants within 30 seconds. Numerous big screens. A game room. Peace and Quiet on the second and third levels. Multi-stalled bathrooms for my pooping pleasure. Huh?!?! That comes very close to being my ideal living quarters, and I have neglected to put all the pieces together until now.

The OU Student Union. I think I will be making it my permanent place of residence. I can keep my clothes and do laundry at Heathers. Other than that I pretty much have everything I need right here, and I could save almost $700 on rent and utilities. I am a genius! I will be heading to the post office tomorrow to fill out my change of adress card.

Oh yeah, did I mention that hot chicks walk by constantly?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

So sorry for the delay

I am a terrible person. I have left my loyal following of people with nothing better to do with their lives than read about mine, without anything worthwile to read in quite some time. Things have just been pretty crazy. This 18 hour per semester crap is no joke! I will try to catch you up on all the great stuff that has happened since my last post.
  • I was able to take a weekend trip to Ft. Worth to celebrate Alison's 21st birthday. It was a great trip with some much needed time off from school. I am beginning to think, though, that Jeff might be a bad influence on me. It seems as if everytime I go down there he peer pressures the heck out of me to get me drunk. I dont appreciate it, Jeff. :)
  • I turned 22. Kind of a crappy birthday. Not because I didnt enjoy myself and get some presents, but because it was my 22nd birthday. I mean what did I gain from turning 22? I can already drink, and have to be 25 to rent an RV. I guess I have three years of nothing to look forward to until I can get that RV.
  • I have began running again. Yeah, laugh it up. I have done this before, I know. But this time I am serisouly serious. I was like this two summers gao, but then had to get some surgery crap done on my kindey's. Last summer with moving and everything I didn't have time. I have really picked it up again lately, and have even looked up some track meets I am going to enter in this summer.
  • Thursday Heather and I are going to Missouri for a few days over spring break. It should be a lot of fun. Bob is getting a poker game together with some guys he works with, and with the exception of a few people, I think I am going to fare pretty well. I hope I dont jinx myself, but hopefully I can at least get a tank of gas worths of money out of the night. And if I don't win and Bob does? Well, then he can be nice and share his winnings with me for some gas. I like this set up.
  • Wedding planning. Yeah, more on that later.
All of that plus school is pretty much all I have been about lately. More to come, but right now it is back to homework....