Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Amen, Donnie

I know that I will probably step on a few toes with this post, but it needs to be said. As I was watching The Big Idea with Donnie Deutch tonight, he said something at the end of the show that I could not have agreed with more. As he was following up on a piece about Barry Bonds and the steroid scandal he said, "I am tired of everything involving African Americans being an issue of race."

I could not agree more. I know that Barry Bonds is black, and he just happens to be in the middle of the steroid scandal. Yes there are probably white guys using steroids, but with Barry being the one breaking records he is automatically going to be in the spotlight. If Mark McGuire was still playing (who is a white guy for those of you who don't know), he would be in the middle of the scandal too (especially since he has pretty much admitted to using steroids). If Mark was still playing I would be rooting against him also. I just don't like cheaters - black or white. Maybe if Barry would not be such a dick to the media, and also being pretty shady about the steroid scandal there would not be such a shitstorm around him.

Bottom line is this: just because your African American doesn't mean that everything is about race.

On the lighter side of things, I do like my new internship at the advertising agency, and I know they like having the free labor around. The job is good, but the 45 minute drive each way is not. Oh well, such is life.


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