Monday, May 15, 2006

Can you make that a verb?

Funny story from the poker table the other day...

I was sitting next to this loud guy from California who pretty much thought he was God's gift to poker. All the while he was sitting next to me yapping up the table, he was shedding some serious skin. Obviously he had psoriasis, his forearms were nothing but dry skin, and while his arms were resting on the table it kept flaking off. It was pretty gross, and I don't get grossed out that easily.

The funny part was when he got up and left and the dealer called over the poker room manager to tell her to get the little handy-vac to clean up the table. "The guy psoriased all over the table." The whole table just busted up laughed at the fact he had turned psoraises into a verb.

Hey, after 10 hours at a poker table, shit like that gets funny.


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Alison said...

thats disgusting, but an interesting wasy to turn something into a verb...i was playing at a casino up in missouri this weekend i was sitting next to this 70 year old man and he asked me if i was single. i said yes and he asked if i had any friends with benefits. i asked how he knew that term and he was like hell i've got 3 myself...interesting people at casinos...


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