Saturday, June 24, 2006

I paid $25 to get my butt kicked...

...but I did get a brand new T-Shirt! I decided to go run my first 5k (3.1 miles) road race in about 3 years today. I had forgot that there is a difference between losing weight and actually getting in shape. It wasn't as bad as the picture may suggest...although a 10 yr old really did beat me (seriously, this kid is some sort of freak of nature), and I had to pass the mom with the stroller just before the finish line so as to not lose to her.

I guess for not having run in a competition in 3 years I am really not that dissatisfied with my performance. Yes, there is room for a lot of improvement, but I know what I need to improve on so that makes it a little easier. I am going to try and start running at least one 5k a month. It was fun, I got to work on my tan, I got a break from my finance homework, and my $25 went to a good cause. Not bad.

Next time little Joey will not beat me. He can't run a race with a broken leg!

Friday, June 23, 2006

For Alison -

I told you I wouldn't delete it :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Congratulations to the Miami Heat for their championship win. Although I pretty much hate everyone on the team except D-Wade, they pretty much outplayed the Mavs most of the series - and especially on their home court tonight. While the refs were pretty bad throughout the series, the Mavs failed to execute good plays and had key turnovers at times in the game when they couldn't afford to.

I think if the Mavs can resign their free-agents and maybe pick up another key player we can expect the same championship run next season...hopefully with a different outcome. I would expect that losing the championship on their home court will leave a fairly bad taste in their mouth and provide some much needed motivation for next year.

Of course, I would have thought that they would have had enough motivation to win tonight...

Good? Yes. Greatest? Hell No!

As I watch the NBA finals I can't help but notice how good of a player Dwyane Wade has become. It hurts to see him on another team, but thats how life is. What I absolutely cannot stand however is the comparison between him and Michael Jordan. How on earth can you compare a guy who is in his third NBA season, not having won a title, not having won an MVP award (regular season, post season, or all-star game), not having been named to the all defensive team, not having been crowned the scoring champ, etc. to the greatest player the NBA has seen? Can't be done! I don't think it is fair to Michael or Dwyane. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Dwyane Wade is a superstar in the league and definite comparisons can be made between him and other top players in the NBA, but quit the comparison to Michael Jordan already.

On another note, I have come to realize how much of a chicken-shit David Stern (the NBA commissioner) really is. Today he fined Mark Cuban 250K for remarks after game 5 of the finals - yet he wont go on record with ESPN or any other news outlet to say exactly what the fine was for. It is unfortunate that Mark Cuban gets fined for saying what every other Mavs fan and newspaper columnist says every day.

Good luck to the Mavs tonight. If they win tonight, I really do think they will take game 7.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Mr. Cuban,

I am a loyal Dallas Mavericks fan yet I am concerned with the current state of the NBA Finals. While the officiating job has completely blown throughout this, and the rest of the playoff series', it cannot explain some of the Mavs play throughout the course of the Finals.

With or without shitty refs, the Mavs never should have lost game 3. Period. Also, I am thorouly convinced that I am a better basketball player than Keith Van Horn. For the series he is shooting 27% (on 3-11 shooting, and 1-6 from 3 pt range) and averaging 1 rebound, 1 turnover, 1.4 points 0 assists, and 0 free throws per game.

Lets be honest, if I were to drive to the basket, get fouled, and even miss my shot attempt, I would still average more points per game this thig guy - AND get Heat players in foul trouble. (See Dirk. Eventhough he can't hit a shot to save his life he is still averaging more than 20 pts per game because he is getting to the free throw line.) If they get smart and stop fouling me I could get an easy layup. I WOULD NOT jack up a 3-pt shot every time down the floor just because I get the chance to play.

While I continue to have faith in your ownership abilities, I feel it is my responsibility as a loyal fan to give you my basketball resume for you to look at and seriously consider as an option - seeing as how nobody else on the team wants to step up and play consistently.

Basically my resume boils down to - I know I can play better than Keith Van Horn (and I am beginning to think Dirk Nowitzki).

I would urge you to consider my offer as I will require a mere fraction of his current salary.

A concerned fan,

P.S. I am glad the last two games are in Dallas and am trying to have full faith that they can win two in a row.

Poor Screech

Seriously, poor screech. Apparantly Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from one of my favorite shows of all time, Saved by the Bell, is having some serious money issues and to keep from losing his house is selling various t-shirts. I might have to buy one and save Screech's house. :)

If you feel compelled to by a shirt and help Screech to keep from losing his house check out

From Yahoo news:

A bell can't save Screech...but a T-shirt might.

Dustin Diamond, forever known to children of the '80s as Saved by the Bell's Samuel "Screech" Powers, has taken to hawking autographed T-shirts of himself in a bid to raise $250,000 and stop a bank from foreclosing on his Milwaukee-area home.

The TV nerd turned stand-up comic is selling shirts through his Website,

"First we rallied to Free Winona. The next time we Voted for Pedro. This time we'll Save Screeech's House!" Diamond writes on the site. (While the former TV star is apparently confident he'll raise enough to save his home, he clearly doesn't anticipate making enough to pay off a lawsuit, adding a third "e" to "Screeech" to avoid violating copyright laws.)

Last Tuesday, Diamond appeared on the Howard Stern Show to relay how his once-vast fortune had whittled away to nothing, putting him in his current near-homeless predicament. And no, Zack Morris had nothing to do with it.

Diamond claimed to have made nearly $2 million for 10-season run on the Saturday morning show, but told Stern that his parents took all but 25 percent of his earnings, leaving him with next to nothing as well as "sh--ty credit."......

For the rest of the article see Screech: Saved by the Shirt.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Anyone got 450K I can borrow?

As I was driving home yesterday afternoon from a meeting at the state capitol I couldn't help but notice that after I got on the highway I was trailing a brand new, off-the-lot Mercedes SLR McLaren roadster. I immediately thought to myself, what is a $450,000+ car doing in Oklahoma City?
At this point in time I was following the car and wanted to pass it to get a nice profile view (that's right, my 2001 Chevy Blazer whizzing past a car that will do 0-60 in .00072 seconds). I was also think what Heather's brother would do in a situation like this and his genius words of, "I would stick my wang in the tailpipe" immediately came to mind. Except as you will notice from the picture, the "pipe" come out the front side...wierd foreign cars.
Anyway, as I passed I noticed that the driver was none other than the Owner/CEO of Chesapeake Energy Company, the second largest independently owned natural gas company in America. He was the keynote speaker at the meeting I had just left, and now I wished I would have been paying a little more attention to the speech he gave us, but I do remember a few highlights... His company is worth more than $21 billion (he's not worth 21 billion, butI would venture a guess that his share of stock is not too shabby), and he kept telling us not to worry about cash at this age because with hard work it will come later. Yeah, I guess it will Mr. Billioniare.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dumb Schedule

Man, with summer school and work my sleep schedule has been real screwed up these past two weeks. I have only been getting a max of 4-5 hours of sleep per night, so i am exhausted during the day. When I get home from work I am so tired that i end up falling asleep for an hour or so watching TV. Then, that nap makes me not tired until around 2-3am, so I don't get any sleep at night. A viscous cycle. I really need to get back on a regular schedule because I won't be able to keep doing that all summer long. Oh well, enough bitching.

I was pretty stoked after the Mavs won their first two Finals games against the Heat, then they decided to blow a 13 point lead tonight and let them right back in the series. Something you can't do when you are facing two dominant players, and one of the best coaches the game has ever seen. I think they absolutely have to win the next game, keeping the Heat from tying the series. Thursday is going to be HUGE.

Summer school has been pretty killer so far. I hate finance. I should like it more because investing is something that has always interested me, but after not doing so well in my accounting classes I sort of have a bad tast in my mouth for any "business math". My marketing class is pretty cool, but the test was a killer. In both of my classes, the class average was in the D range - but me being the genius I am got a C on both tests! With the curve, that puts me in the B range!

Not much else going on lately. Life has been pretty mundane with school and work and such, but I can't complain to much. Work is fun, and I am inching closer to graduating. I will try to update more often. GO MAVS!