Friday, June 16, 2006

Anyone got 450K I can borrow?

As I was driving home yesterday afternoon from a meeting at the state capitol I couldn't help but notice that after I got on the highway I was trailing a brand new, off-the-lot Mercedes SLR McLaren roadster. I immediately thought to myself, what is a $450,000+ car doing in Oklahoma City?
At this point in time I was following the car and wanted to pass it to get a nice profile view (that's right, my 2001 Chevy Blazer whizzing past a car that will do 0-60 in .00072 seconds). I was also think what Heather's brother would do in a situation like this and his genius words of, "I would stick my wang in the tailpipe" immediately came to mind. Except as you will notice from the picture, the "pipe" come out the front side...wierd foreign cars.
Anyway, as I passed I noticed that the driver was none other than the Owner/CEO of Chesapeake Energy Company, the second largest independently owned natural gas company in America. He was the keynote speaker at the meeting I had just left, and now I wished I would have been paying a little more attention to the speech he gave us, but I do remember a few highlights... His company is worth more than $21 billion (he's not worth 21 billion, butI would venture a guess that his share of stock is not too shabby), and he kept telling us not to worry about cash at this age because with hard work it will come later. Yeah, I guess it will Mr. Billioniare.


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