Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Mr. Cuban,

I am a loyal Dallas Mavericks fan yet I am concerned with the current state of the NBA Finals. While the officiating job has completely blown throughout this, and the rest of the playoff series', it cannot explain some of the Mavs play throughout the course of the Finals.

With or without shitty refs, the Mavs never should have lost game 3. Period. Also, I am thorouly convinced that I am a better basketball player than Keith Van Horn. For the series he is shooting 27% (on 3-11 shooting, and 1-6 from 3 pt range) and averaging 1 rebound, 1 turnover, 1.4 points 0 assists, and 0 free throws per game.

Lets be honest, if I were to drive to the basket, get fouled, and even miss my shot attempt, I would still average more points per game this thig guy - AND get Heat players in foul trouble. (See Dirk. Eventhough he can't hit a shot to save his life he is still averaging more than 20 pts per game because he is getting to the free throw line.) If they get smart and stop fouling me I could get an easy layup. I WOULD NOT jack up a 3-pt shot every time down the floor just because I get the chance to play.

While I continue to have faith in your ownership abilities, I feel it is my responsibility as a loyal fan to give you my basketball resume for you to look at and seriously consider as an option - seeing as how nobody else on the team wants to step up and play consistently.

Basically my resume boils down to - I know I can play better than Keith Van Horn (and I am beginning to think Dirk Nowitzki).

I would urge you to consider my offer as I will require a mere fraction of his current salary.

A concerned fan,

P.S. I am glad the last two games are in Dallas and am trying to have full faith that they can win two in a row.


At 11:41 PM, Anonymous zach said...

I think i can play better then van horn as well! I bet Cuban could purchase both of us less then the price of one van horn, and i bet we party better then van horn as well. I wanted to say also that stackhouse's tackle of shaq was a good hard foul and he should not have been suspended; that is bull shit. How else are you suppose to foul shaq with out him making it? Seriously he ways like 702358023 lbs.

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous zach said...

i just realized cuban purchasing us, and the comment about us partying better then van horn kinda sounds dirty. Disregard that. I am not saying anything about whoring me or ryan out.


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