Monday, June 19, 2006

Poor Screech

Seriously, poor screech. Apparantly Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from one of my favorite shows of all time, Saved by the Bell, is having some serious money issues and to keep from losing his house is selling various t-shirts. I might have to buy one and save Screech's house. :)

If you feel compelled to by a shirt and help Screech to keep from losing his house check out

From Yahoo news:

A bell can't save Screech...but a T-shirt might.

Dustin Diamond, forever known to children of the '80s as Saved by the Bell's Samuel "Screech" Powers, has taken to hawking autographed T-shirts of himself in a bid to raise $250,000 and stop a bank from foreclosing on his Milwaukee-area home.

The TV nerd turned stand-up comic is selling shirts through his Website,

"First we rallied to Free Winona. The next time we Voted for Pedro. This time we'll Save Screeech's House!" Diamond writes on the site. (While the former TV star is apparently confident he'll raise enough to save his home, he clearly doesn't anticipate making enough to pay off a lawsuit, adding a third "e" to "Screeech" to avoid violating copyright laws.)

Last Tuesday, Diamond appeared on the Howard Stern Show to relay how his once-vast fortune had whittled away to nothing, putting him in his current near-homeless predicament. And no, Zack Morris had nothing to do with it.

Diamond claimed to have made nearly $2 million for 10-season run on the Saturday morning show, but told Stern that his parents took all but 25 percent of his earnings, leaving him with next to nothing as well as "sh--ty credit."......

For the rest of the article see Screech: Saved by the Shirt.


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