Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Got Nothin

Not a whole lot has been going on lately. My mom, sister, and one of her friends came down for the 4th. It was fun, but 3 chicks in the house for 3 days was almost too much to handle. They left, I slept. It was fantastic.

One of my summer school classes is over with and I am pleased to say I managed a B. Not that impressive by itself, but when you consider that fact that I never got higher than a 72 on any test, it becomes extremely impressive. Got to love the curve!

Internship is going well. It will be even nicer when I can get a job that actually pays me.

Not much else.



At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Alison said...

well i've got a paying job for you if you want can come live in fort worth and be available at my beck & call :) i offer dental & medical too


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