Monday, July 17, 2006

Playing Host

This month and next are going to be pretty busy, but should also be fun. This past weekend my old buddy Dustin came into town. Always a good time with him. Lots of drinking, and bullshitting around. Can't complain there. One night we actually went bowling. Haven't been bowling in probably a few years. I can tell my masterful bowling skills have since become merely mediocre due to my absence from the game. One funny thing from that night though is that 5 times in a row, and numerous time throughout the night, Dustin would knock all the pins down on the first roll except the 7 pin, then proceed to miss on his spare opportunity. I don't know why the bowling Gods hate Dustin, but they sent that pin to taunt him all night long...and it worked.

This weekend Bob and one of his work friends are coming down for golfing and gambling. I blow at golf but love the game. Should be a great weekend.

Weekend after that, Dad and siblings in town.

Weekend after Stu in town.

Weekend after a break.

Weekend after Gran and Grandad in town.

5 out of 6 weekends I will have guests, but it really does make the time go by quick. Unfortunately it doesnt leave much time to catch up on sleep on the weekends like I normally do. Oh well. The sacrifices I make are amazing to me sometimes.


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