Monday, September 04, 2006


Ok, I am a little upset. So upset, it drove me to get really freakin drunk. I am not going to reveal the name of the person at which I am upset, but for the heck of things let's call him Wayne. Before I get into anything personal, have you ever known anyone who in any kind of argument or little spat decides to bring up everything from the past decade that would be negative and involves you?

So Wayne and myself were in a little bit of a conversation. I asked him a question - nothing major, but you will not find out the details - and all of a sudden he decides to bring up shit from the past 15+ years.

I don't get people like this. You start talking about something like money, and all of a sudden a person is like, "remember 6 years ago when you borrowed $5 from me and you never repayed me? Yeah, fuck you." Or another example, "how about that one time you said you would help me out, and you never did - yeah it was 14 years ago, but still...."

None of those examples have anything to do with this specific instance, but you know the type of person I am talking about. Those people who when they can't find anything to say to you decide to bring up shit from the past that everyone else has forgotten about. I hate those people.


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At 12:37 AM, Anonymous zach said...

I concur. I hate those people.

At 4:15 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

I sure hope Wayne does not read this blog.


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