Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well Here It Goes.

According to Alison, "Ryan P. Starks is officially the WORST blogger ever...he hasn't blogged since Oct 17th!!!" I apologize to the lives that have been extremely altered by my lack of writing. It has all been for good reason though. My schedule as of late has not been very friendly. Next week I fly to Kansas City TWICE for two different interviews for some post-graduation type jobs. Should be interesting, but it will also make for a very long week.

So, something happened to me the other day that seemed strange. As a guy, I am extremely aware of the "one stall rule". For the ladies who do not know what I speak of, this is the rule in which when men use the urinals in a pulbic restroom they always leave a stall in between the next dude taking a whiz. While there are some exceptions to the rule, it is just good try always try and follow the one stall rule.

Now, far be for me to think that all men are just born with this rule already programmed into their DNA, but I was very unpleasantly suprised by a sneak attack set upon me the other day. I was minding my own business in one of the OU restrooms, trying to take a leak in peace, and staring at the drap concrete bricks in front of me. No one else is in the restroom. I am at the far end of a row of 6 stalls. Then BOOM. Out of nowhere, this dude thinks it is okay to just come pee right next to me! What the hell? Luckily I was towards the end of my pee and nobody else came in the restroom to think that we were couple peeing. I wasn't about to stop the dude mid-pee to tell him the bathroom etiquette rules, but I thought now would be a good time to reiterate them for everyone. But rather than just type them, I thought I would keep everyone's attention with a nice video so there are visuals for FULL COMPREHENSION.

On to other happenings as of late, I decided I wanted to build a wine bottle rack. After drawing up some plans I went to Lowes, got some nice sturdy Oak, and Heather and I proceeded with constructing a 30 bottle wine rack. Before going any further, it should be noted that none of this would have been possible without the spectacular sanding abilities of Heather. I have got the thing built, and one coat of stain put on - not sure if I am going to darken it up with another coat, but I think right now it looks damn good. Especially for my first real construction project outside of piewood derby races in boy scouts (in which my dad did all the real work anyway).

Some pictures are below for your enjoyment.

This is the picture after I just got it all assembled how I like it.

Here is a little test run as to how the whole thing will work.

This is after I have it half stained, so you can see the darkness that came about. It looks very expensive with the stain on it - looks expensive, that is the key.

And here we are after 3 hours and one coat of stain was applied.

I am very pleased with how the whole thing has turned out. You cant see it in the pictures, but on the front along the sides are carvings of a grape vine all the way down. We found this wood at Lowes and Heather thought it would be fitting to put it on a wine rack (wine is made from grapes - get it?). I am a little bit of an idiot though and didnt realize that paint thinner smelled so dang bad. Now with it 40 degrees outside I have to have all my windows open with 3 fans, 4 candles, and one air purifier running to try and get the smell out. Oh well, it was worth it.


At 8:50 AM, Anonymous ali said...

"you are so damn demanding. but lets be honest, what alison wants, alison gets." amen ryan. thank you for makng my day by actually blogging. I think you underestimate how much my personal happiness relies on it! nice wine rack, it looks amazing! and the video? hilarious. make sure to tell me how the interviews go!

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous mom said...

Wow, what can a mother say? Except, nice wine racks, do I get a space just for me? :)

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous ali said...

i would also like to add that you state you have been extremely busy, and that is your reason for not blogging...but then you justify that by talking about how busy you are next week? what kind of excuse is that? i haven't blogged because i'll be busy next week? i smell some major bs in that one my friend...

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous zach said...

Maybe if you weren't busy making projects to feed your alcoholism you would have more time to blog. Lol anyways that video was hilarios. I hate creepy people who choose the urinal next to you in a completely open bathroom.


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